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II- Community                                                        


Community  In my own understanding, community is a place
that is compose of different species that are co-existing and are depending on
each other. A community can also provide habitats for those wildlife animals,
farm/ domesticated animals that are in need of such shelter, food, etc. A
community in other words have different types of animals that exist in an area
for their source of food and has the ability to adopt with their surroundings.

Habitat on the other hand is
a place where animals and plants originally live. There are also different
types on habitat; some are in water, on top of the mountains, or even the
forest. These are just some of the examples of habitats that exist in our real
world. Just like community, habitats are also composed of animals and plants
that are depending on each other. These mentioned habitats that have plants and
animals that are living on it can also be called a community.

Biodiversity is a term used
for the diverging number of living organisms and species, between species among
the ecosystem. It also indicates the number of population change from one
location to another for a certain time due to human activities that may affect
them. It is very important in an ecosystem because it deals with the monitoring
and shows the population control of each species.

Trophic Function refers to
the response of prey to the number of predators. Useful reactions to the
connection between a individual rate of utilization or consumption of food. They
are divided into 3 types of functions in order to make it simpler to
understand. Type I is the increased
consumption of food by an organism. It is the constant intake of food modelled
as predator-prey relationship where the consumption of food does not interfere
with searching for food. Type II it is the decrease of feeding
activity of a predator because there is a constant supply of prey and the
predator does not have to spend time hunting for prey. Type III  there
is a prey switching of predators. The population of a certain prey is low and
to survive they would hide, making them harder to find. The predator will then
have look for alternative prey.

Competition happens when the source of food supply is low, limited and
lacking , these happen between two or more individuals. There are 4 types of

Interspecific competition individuals of
different species competes with each other for same resource.

Intraspecific competition a competition
between same species

Exploitative competition is a form of competition when all individuals have the
equal access to the resource, but they differ in how fast or how efficiently
they can exploit it.

Interference competition is a form of competition when certain individuals are
able to restrict or prevent access of others to the resources and so control
the use of it.

Interaction among biotic
communities is a direct interaction of a species to other species that can
either benefit or harm them.

Predator-Prey the predator eats the prey for
example the spiders traps another certain insects on the web and eats it.

the consumer will not benefit at all and will be eaten by animals that are
herbivores like cow, grasshoppers, horse etc.

Commensalism on this relationship one will
only benefit without harming the other organism.

Parasitism one will only benefit while the
other is harmed.

Mutalism both of the organisms will benefit to
each other.


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