I to travel to. But you can survive

I know that there are a lot of people in San Francisco that, you know, swing from the other side of the plate and that is what makes it a hard place to travel to. But you can survive the crazy place. Many tourists do survive the city every year but then again there are a lot who do get raped with words and they can be paralyzed for life.

Here is a way to make it through San Francisco and actually have a good time.First of all, you have to be a 49er fan or at least act like one. The reason you have to be a 49er fan is because 49er fans are predominantly not gay, plain and simple. I have been around a lot of 49er fans and not one of them has been gay. I think the main reason for this is because the 49ers stadium is in the north end of San Francisco and there are not too many gay guys up there. The only reason why there would be a gay guy in the north end of San Francisco is because they would be trying to get together with the 49er fans to get them to become gay.

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Second, you have to be a nice guy to the gay guys, but make sure you’re not too nice because the gay guys might get the wrong impression. Try to stay away from groups of guys that are congregating because if they are congregating it usually means that they are all gay. You have to cultivate your-self and prescribe it in your mind that you will not have a gay guy look at you. The gay people will be able to sense that you don’t want to be with them and they will stay away from you. Once you start thinking you are going to talk to you then they will start taking to you.And last but not least, dress like a straight person. Don’t really wear anything that is too colorful and don’t wear any clothes that are too tight on you. If you do any of these things, they will just attract the gay guys to you.

Another good tip would be to walk around with your girlfriend. If you don’t have a girlfriend, find a girl that would like to act like she is your girlfriend.These are the guidelines that I used when I went to San Francisco and I went without getting hit on and I even had a good time. I really hope every straight guy would go by these guidelines if they go to San Francisco.Bibliography:


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