Committee helps in freshening complainants’ mind over identification

Committee Members of the Problem-Solving Team

The community is made of diverse people with various needs, likes and dislikes. To balance the diverse interests and values, the residents must come up with community committee members who include elected officials to act as facilitators of various residential concerns problem. Better facilitators or representatives ought to be non-government officials but good and experienced leaders such as renowned chief executives, chairman of various community corporations, who are endorsed by the community members.

Community representatives often solve various problems that the government takes a lot of time and even fails to answer. The panel should include both groups with the highest stakes in the issue, in this case the club owners and the community leaders. Each of the groups must have a spokesperson with ability to gladly accept and endorse any agreed recommendations.

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The methodology for solving this concerns that link to the club within a residential area would first involve identification of the main concerns of the residences and then development of strategies to address them. The concerns are urination in public, late-night noise from the club especially during weekend evenings, home brake-ins and quarrels as well as fighting that might have been the results of recent murder of a woman. People are also involved in drug dealings particularly at the parking lots, the club are also often overcrowded, server minors and over server its clients who are time after time found passed out in the yard. A scan of the problem through community policing would assist in identification of this concerns. The identification procedure helps in determining whether the concerns are genuine or imposed out of jealousy.

Recognizing the problem also assist in bringing in a clear idea of potential weaknesses of action to consider. The second step would involve analysis of the course of action to avoid possible and common problems that may arise in solving such a concern, since it may lack straight evidence. Although the community problem is clearly identified, it is a challenging task since its nature involves a struggle between two parties; the residents and the club owners/clients. Solving this problem would first involve analysis of the code or laws governing running of a club. What are the laws that the club is breaking? Constructed too close to residential area, noise pollution, overcrowding, selling to minors and over-selling are clear violation of the law. Revising governing articles keenly and analyzing essential details can assist in provision of supportive recommendations, for instance proposing a shut-down of the club. Going through the law also helps in freshening complainants’ mind over identification of possible consequence of their actions.

The committee is made of competent personnel and inquiring from them the possible course of actions to consider is also a good part of the analytical procedure. The committee leaders must also understand the situation properly to provide their form of analysis regarding the situation. Thirdly the methodology will involve a response plan for the thoughtful and intelligent analysis. What is the response plan and how will it be implemented? The response plan will be technical if it will lead to closure of the club and easy if it involves implementation of policies to change some club-operation procedures. The closure plan presents a measureable, attainable and clear objective of solving all or majority of the community concerns. It also assists in final analysis of the problem and judgement of the considered solution procedure. Lastly the methodology will require assessment of the results.

Did the crimes minimized or end? Was the goal attained? Complaints from residents should minimize or totally disappear. Some community-based problems such as the club-related crimes respond to actions slowly than crimes that are less serious. The community based policing and involvement in solving the matter at hand is a better handling process that provides instance response and solutions. The assessment would involve finding out whether there are reduced calls for crime related incidences in the area. Reduced calls mean satisfied residents.

Recommendation and Implementation

The residents should voice their concerns through the committee members and recommend closure of the club.

Press for closure ought to occur due to the fact that the club has violated various operational laws such as operating in a residential area, disturbance through noise pollution and involvement with minors. The residence should also support their claims based on the occurrences such as public urinations, drunkenness, fights and fighting. The main concerns of the residents must be the recent murder and the home break-ins that can have a close connection to the club clients. Failure to meet the recommendations may require legal proceedings therefore the case must be filed in a court of law by the committee members and evidence provided to offer support. Filing the case can either mean closure or recommended reform of the club operation procedures.

Plans for Assessing/Evaluating the Course of Action

The plans for assessing the course of action will include residential surveys through focus groups or interviews of residents to determine if behaviours such as drunkenness, public urination or drugs-related fights are still evident in the area. Other assessment indicators procedure will include analysis of residents’ fears over occurrences at the club if the course of action is to reform the club. Related crimes such as injuries and incidents related to drunkenness, murder and house break-ins must minimize or end.


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