She shelter in the same manner.” She then

She here says ‘We’
instead of ‘I’ which implies all the women like her, dependent on husband for
food and shelter. She thus gives voice to the suppressed women declaring the
denial of any man to live independently. Savitri now awakened, warns him,

think that you can fondle us when you like and kick us when you choose” (85).

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     She bitterly tells him, when he says to
take her things and get out, she says:

I don’t possess anything in this world. What possession can a woman call her
own except her body? Everything else that she has is her father’s, her
husband’s, or her son’s” (88).

     Further, she boldly breaks into pieces the
so called sacred status of a married woman’s role after marriage in such
families, declaring that a woman owns nothing except her body, she asks:

is the difference between a prostitute and a married woman?-the prostitute
changes her men, but a married woman doesn’t; that’s all, but both earn their
food and shelter in the same manner.”

     She then decides to give her daughters
higher education to stand independently on their own and not depend on husband
for food and shelter.

and Kamala must study up to the B.A. and not depend for their salvation on
marriage” (93).

     But she laughs at herself remembering she
has no right and freedom to decide her daughter’s fortune as their father is to
pay for their education and they belong to him not to hers.

     She utterly feels the need of economical
independence with education and freedom from slavery of husband. She believes
no more in the traditional role of wife. She leaves the village and she thinks
to start her independent life. She would not like to accept charity from anyone
and remains hungry till she earns her own meal. When Ponni persisted and argued
to eat some fruits, she says emphatically:

am resolved never to accept food or shelter which I have not earned” (122).


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