Shopping Diaries

Before Shopping

My mother and I have been toying with the idea of getting a brand new flat screen 47 inch TV for over a year now. After much debating, consideration, and internet searching, we finally decided that it was time to go shopping and make the purchase.

Since this was like buying a new toy for a child, you can just imagine the excitement and eagerness that both of us felt as I drove us to the mall where all the appliance stores were located. Before we seriously buckled down to shopping, I remember feeling a tinge of apprehension. Were we really ready to make this purchase? Wasn’t this just an impulse buy? Maybe we should sleep on it and come back another day?

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During the time when I was doing my internet research on the product, I had come to the realization that the amount of money needed to purchase the TV would probably pay for a semester of college for me. Not only that, but television technology advanced and came out with newer, more superior models to the previous flat screen TV releases on a 6 month basis. Making the item devalue practically the minute we plopped down our payment for it.

Somehow I managed to convince myself otherwise and we trudged on in search of the perfect flat screen TV. Knowing that my mother was advancing in age and needed a larger screen TV in order to see the images on the screen, and that we already had a digital entertainment theater system set up at home, sans the correct TV set, were what probably helped me get over my initial apprehensions about buying the flat screen at this point in time.

It may not be a necessity for me, since I spend most of my time at school, studying, or at work, but my mom, who is always at home, needs it for her own personal enjoyment. So who am I to prevent her from getting what she will enjoy the most? I can use the set up when I have some free time anyway.

After Shopping

Okay, so here we are, sitting in the food court and enjoying an after shopping snack. We have finally made the purchase and both feel quite satisfied with our choice of an LG Scarlet 47 inch flat screen. We had actually lucked out at the appliance store because they had both a Samsung flat screen TV and an LG flat screen TV in the display area. These were the exact 2 brands that we were considering to buy and it was fantastic that we got to compare their visual output and other specs side by side.

It made shopping and decision making a lot easier. Thanks to the internet research that I did previously, I was able to ask the salesman the proper questions about the items and get his opinion on the items, all things considered. Since we were shopping for opinions, he even went to the extent of asking his co-workers for their opinions on the 2 items, and later on, his store manager also weighed in with his opinion.

The more opinions the better I always say. We finally settled on the LG flat screen because it had one thing that the Samsung flat screen did not have, a screen protector that would protect the pixels and bulbs from “death” in the event that the screen was accidentally hit by a sharp or blunt object at full force. The Samsung version would have dead pixels instantly.

Since I had my mother with me, and the purchase was really being made for her, I felt that she was the best shopping companion that I could have brought with me. She helped me stay focused on what item we really wanted to get when my eyes would stray to the other product displays, and reminded me of the budget that we had to stick to. We had a pleasant time shopping together and enjoyed our time together because we both knew exactly what was needed and wanted at the time and had already discussed it before hand.


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