Eric rubbed the sleep off his eyes and took farewell of Trabant. He walked away from the place where he had spend the night. He felt hunger and started to search hi pockets for some money. He found some small change but not enough to buy himself a breakfast. He walked towards the market. Suddenly a man grabbed his shoulder.

– Hey, Eric need some money? The man said.
– Oh It’s you, Tyrel, Yee I suppose so.

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– Good Eric! The same price as always?
In the same time Sophia woke up. She took a quick shower and walked downstairs to the dining room to have breakfast. Her parents where already there, dad was reading the morning paper and mom sat and polished her nails. Sophia sat down beside the table and the housekeeper came into the room with her breakfast. While Sophia had her breakfast she could not stop thinking about Eric.

– Here I am, siting here and eating a big breakfast on silver plates and Eric maybe don’t even have money for a tiny cheeseburger.
Sophia raised up from the chair and ran up to her room and grabbed all the money she got and rushed out to the hallway and grabbed her jacket. She took the metro down to the city and walked into McDonalds where she had met Eric the other day. She stood there in the middle of McDonalds spinning around with her look searching for Eric. But he wasn’t there She walked towards the exit when she saw someone outside McDonalds walking towards her. It was Eric, but he walk in a funny way, almost as it he had he’s two legs in plaster.

– I don’t want you to see me like this. Said Eric.

There were a moment of silence and they stood there almost as it the time had stooped.

– Remember the proposal, about to travel away someplace? Eric do you remember that?
Another moment of silence filled their time.

– But but your school and your parents?
– They will not miss me, the only thing that maters to them is their money. They don’t got any space for me in their life.

Sophia and Eric went back to the place where they had met Oliver, before but they couldn’t find him. They walked the same way they had done with Oliver the night before, but there were no trace of him. They sat down at a park bench and rested.
– We have to do it without Oliver. There is no chance that we are going to find him.

– Yee you have probably right. There is no way we are going to find Oliver.
– So Eric, where do you want travel?
– Hey stop here! first of all, what can we afford?
– I I took some money before I left home it’s enough.

– Oh you stole from your parents, right?
– No I didn’t yes I did just a little money. They are not going to miss it.

They sat there on the park bench for a while, then Eric said.

Sophia closed the book and put it away.

Sophia swept the blanket around her and stared to walk towards the kitchen she lived in a small house in bronx.



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