Similarities and Differences between Iron Man And Super Man


Iron man and superman are two movies that entail characters stepping in to perform tasks that seemingly grew beyond the capacity of the security officers in the localities. In the iron man, the character Tony Stark is introduced as the man at the top helm of a “military contracting” company.

As Stark travels to Afghanistan to test a newly developed weapon, he leaves Stane to take charge of the company. Stark is however attacked and wounded. A co-captive develops an electromagnet into his chest to sustain his life from the injuries. Stark’s captor, a military group offers a deal for him to make a missile for them but he turns them down.

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He escapes through a series of events and decides that his company would stop dealing with weapons. Stane, offended by the decision enters a deal with the terrorist group to supply them with weaponry as they try to kill Stark. Stane then attacks Stark, kills security agents but is finally killed by Stark who is then identified as the IRON MAN (Theiapolis 1).

Superman on the other hand is a story of a boy named Clark on adoption after he arrived from another planet. Clark has his super natural powers developed as he grows and he uses his powers to try and save people from destruction and finally delivering a dangerous criminal, Luther, to the authorities (Imdb 1).

Similarities in Superman And Iron Man

The two movies had some common aspects. Significant among the similarities is the fact that the characters had some extraordinary powers. Clark is sent to his new planet as his father understood that the effects of the yellow in the new planet would give Clark powers to survive.

The child realizes his powers that developed and uses them against principals of nature. Clark for example was able to lift a car with his bare hands when the car was going to squeeze and kill the man who had just adopted her. He as well made outstanding unnatural activities like “kicking a ball into the orbit” (Imdb 1), running faster than a speeding train and catching a bullet by his unprotected hand. He also at instances flew.

These are just a few of the extraordinary things that he displayed. Stark as well is seen to exhibit extraordinary powers that helps him escape from his terrorist captors. The suit of armor helps Stark escape from the hands of the ten rings. Both Stark and Stane uses this technology to power themselves as they later meet to fight each other. Another similarity in the two movies is that the two characters used their enhanced capability for the good of humanity rather than for the bad.

Clark uses his powers to try and save people as he did to: lift the car that could have killed his father, carry off Lois to save her from the plane crash and even his last attempt to stop the destructions intended by Luthor and lastly to deliver him to the authorities. Stark similarly is seen to have used his capacity to fight Stane who had teamed up with a terror group and even killed security agents. They therefore both used their powers to counteract forces that were beyond the security personnel.


A difference is however noted in the source of power of the two characters. As the power of Clark was derived from nature, catalyzed by the yellow sun, Stark had his power originating from a man made system which he developed while in captivity.


The two stories seem to have had the same theme of some supernatural powers being used to save a generation of mankind. The source of the power may not be distinct but it is necessary to counteract some technically organized forces that terrorize humanity.

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