Since among people ,?. According to CDC (

Since Nesseria
Gonorrhoeae is a strictly mankind’s pathogen and can be colonize both male also
female genital mucosal surfaces and at different sites, it has mechanism that
can be used to beat antimicrobial frameworks of the host’s innate resistance. The mechanism that are major that being used to repel
the antimicrobial agents is expression of multidrug efflux pumps , this
mechanism can recognize and actively export a multiplicity of structurally
unrelated compounds of toxic from the bacteria cell which is Nesseria gonorrhea
. This including the antibacterial peptides , a long-chain fatty acids . (Hsiang-Ting
Lei et .al , 2014 )

How do the gonorrhea spread among
people ,?. According to CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ) ,
Gonorrhea is transmitted through a sexual contact with the mouth , anus , penis
and vagina of an infected partner . Gonorrhea can spread easily just by contact
and ejaculation does not have to occur to spread the disease . Furthermore , Gonorrhea
can be spread from mother to baby during childbirth . In addition , people who
have had and received treatment may be reinfected again when they are having
sexually contact with infected person . 
CDC has estimated that 570000 of the person who are facing gonorrhea are
young people 15-24 years of age and in 2016 there are 468514 cases of gonorrhea
reported  to CDC . These showing that
uncontrol or unsafe sex activity would lead to a problem which is STD most
commonly Nesseria Gonorrhea disease because it can spread easily to people that
sexually active or not sexually active . The way how this disease spread is
really easy and anyone of people is possible to get infected with this disease
if they are not aware of this disease.

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The prevention of this N.Gonorrhea are
first , abstinence from sex , by abstain ourself from sexually activity will
decrease th risk of getting infected by any STD especially N.Gonorrhea , with
changing to this behavior people will decrease th rate of intected with
N.Gonorrhea .

Secondly, increase th uses of condom
when you are having sexual with your partner , when using a condom , the direct
contact is not occur and when this happen the possibility of getting infected
will decrease as the time . This will lead to a healthy sex lifestyle of people
in the world.

Thirdly , having sexual activity with
a mutually monogamous, unaffected partner . Do not always changing your partner
because this lead to STD , it did not just take risk of getting infected from
N.Gonorrhea but by doing that, the people might getting infected by more worse
infection which is HIV that could lead them to get infected and having AIDS .(Peterman
et al , 2016 )


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