If the rich. Socialism is a form of

If I had the chance to run my own society, I would run it under socialism. Socialism is a powerful but still controlling system. My society will not be a utopia simply created in peoples mind.

It will be a product of economic and social development. Socialism is more of a people government rather than Capitalisms wealthy businessman government. The idea of socialism is to lessen the gap between the poor and the rich. Socialism is a form of individuality, and everyone is a part of the economy. In my socialist society the worker will own the means of production, rather than a rich upper class man who will cheat the workers out of their money. Society can control production unlike the economic anarchy of capitalism.

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Socialism will give production money to the workers rather than individual profit. This is because instead of a group of angry workers, you have an equal and fairly paid group of workers. In which they are all paid for the quality and quantity of work they do. Socialism will give the workers a sort of freedom. The more money that the workers bring in, the better schooling the children can get, and the better the future will be for their children. In such a society we will not only become more human, but also more productive, because work will be something we want to do and we will make more effective use of our creative powers. Everyone gets his or her equal rights with socialism.

It means full participation by each individual in the intellectual, cultural, and political life of society. Socialism will be the best of my society. This is because it creates a better basis for cooperation and mutual regard. It will be possible for everyone to live a reasonably affluent life and be free of long hours of routine toil. Work will become a free and self-affirming activity for each worker and they receive the full fruits of their labor.

Workers can actually enjoy what they do for a living. Above all, it will take the control of industry and of all branches of production that go out of the hands of mutually competing individuals, and instead institute a system in which all these branches of production are operated by society as a whole. That is, for the common account, according to a common plan, and with the participation of all members of society.Socialism would be better than capitalism because of many reasons. First capitalism does not give equal rights to society. Capitalism uses laissez-faire. Which means that they want a tiny minority of citizens to control a vast majority of a nation wealth.

What if they mess something up? Everything will fail and the people will get screwed because the government needs the money, and they do not have enough for the people. Capitalism would only be fair to owners of large companies and wealthy people.Basically capitalism is playing a game of risk, called an economic lottery. They have a fifty-fifty chance to win or lose.

And they have not won yet. In my opinion is that socialism would be the best for my ideal society. It gives the most freedom to the people. Socialism gives the people more choices, and that lead to a better life in the future because they are doing what they want in life. It will be a product of economic and social development.

In all Socialism is a form of individuality, where everyone is a part of the economy. What I mean by Socialism is a condition of society in which there should be neither rich nor poor, neither master nor master’s man, neither idle nor overworked, in which all men would be living in equality of condition.


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