Stem This possibility will help millions of people,

Stem Cell Research, is
the process of gathering a specific cell in the body known as a stem cell from
different sources and applying them to heal injuries within the body like
damage to internal organs and tissues.
Stem cells are able to do this by becoming or essentially reshaping themselves
into other cells specifically the ones that are damaged, in order to repair and
create more tissue.
Stem cells are also capable of creating replacement organs outside of donors,
as well as cloning. These
stem cells come in various forms from various locations, but the main source is
Whether they be gathered from abortion clinics or grown within the lab. Embryonic stem cells show the most
elasticity when it comes to repairing and creating the cloned organs and life. While there are other methods of
obtaining stem cells, none of them are as effective or as useful as embryonic
stem cells. However,
these stem cells are also the most difficult to obtain due to restrictions
within the United States that make the acquirement and use of embryonic stem
cells extremely difficult.
I believe that embryonic stem cell research should be much more excepted
because of its possibilities of healing and because of how simple it really is.

main argument about this topic is the fact that Embryonic stem cells have the
immense capability to heal and or cure diseases that were previously thought
Some diseases such as Cancers, Heart Diseases, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,
Multiple Sclerosis etc. Many
of these diseases have treatments but there are no definite cures. Scientists believe that stem cells
would be able to cure these diseases since they are capable of regenerating any
and all tissue that is damaged or diseased.
This possibility will help millions of people, now and many, many more in the
That is just with cell transplants to people, embryonic stem cells will also be
able to save people who are ever in need of transplantable organs. Scientists recently have been able
to create new organs by using cells from a specific location in the body such
as the liver and combining them with the stem cells so that they adapt to the
liver cells to start forming muscle and begin functioning like the specified
organ. This is a huge help for
not only disease victims, but victims of traumatic accidents like gang
violence, car accidents and more. This
reduces the need for compatible donors and placing people on a wait list to
obtain organs as they will be much more easily available to those that need

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these cells will be able to heal plenty of diseases that seemed incurable, they
will not be able to heal everything. But Embryonic Stem Cells are easy to
analyze, and if made easier to obtain then they will allow scientists to get a
better understanding of cells and the processes that happen within them. This
will give scientists a much better understanding of other diseases and problems
that arise within people and find other ways to prevent them. In the end everything
that is contributed to embryonic stem cell research is to ultimately help

            As I stated before these embryonic stem cells are
harvested from embryos.
These embryos are acquired from abortion clinics, as they are an abundant
source from them.
It is unethical that these cells be used as they are a use of a potential human
life. If they are capable of
such feats, does that mean that scientist choose the life of a citizen of the
United States over that of an unborn infant.
The use of embryonic stem cells encourages abortions to potential mothers
across the nation.
This is harmful to not only the child but those that believe that life begins
as soon as the egg has been fertilized even if it wasn’t fertilized naturally
within the womb.
Aside from the price of the life of an unborn child, the costs to go through a
treatment involving stem cell research will only be available to those that can
afford it, and even then, they may go broke for the treatment. Another issue is the effect that
stem cell research would have on those if it were to go into effect. It would not be possible even if it
is made legal to make everyone accept the concept of using embryonic stem
cells, especially those that value the lives of the children and those that
believe scientists are acting as if they are “God”.  

            The fact that embryonic stem cell research consumes or
uses a potential human lie is actually false information. It is scientifically
stated that the fetus is not actually considered a fetus until 5 to 8 weeks. It
is also stated that embryonic stem cells are collected before 14 days of the
fertilization before any organs or features have been formed. As for the
statement about encouraging abortion, scientists do not encourage women to get
abortions for their research purposes and even ask for consent before and after
the operation has been completed. The cost of the treatment would decrease if
the stem cells were readily available. Stem cell research itself could be
combined with other treatments to completely eradicate and ensure the safety of
patients, making sure that any and all patients make a full recovery and are
able to continue living their lives fully. I fully acknowledge that it is hard
to please everyone and those that are heavily religious, but it is not that
scientists are trying to play God, they are trying to help people who feel as
though they have lost their chance at life. They are finding a way to give
people the lives that they think they lost when they find out about these
diseases and although some people may consider that unethical not everyone will
be able to be pleased with every decision made.


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