Steve everyone has a good side and a

Steve Jobs,
popularly known as the ‘Father of the
Digital World’ was an American technopreneur who was the co-founder and
chief executive of Apple.

Steve Jobs was and still
continues to remain the legendary, who created a sensation across the world with
his personal computer revolution. Ever since young age, he was exposed to the
world of machinery. His outstanding skills in terms of technology made him one
of the wealth idols. He is a great inspiration, that even a person did not
graduate neither had a degree can be rich, and have a name in the history of
humankind. He has achieved this A-list position at a very young age, just by
thinking about it brings me to a reality that I must also start taking steps
towards my future.

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Jobs suffered at least seven
failures, but never lost his credibility, and is still remembered as one of the
most successful entrepreneurs.

Just as everyone has a good
side and a bad side, he was well known for his appalling temper. He often
ignored customers, criticized team members, and misused business relationships
and seemed to violate many conservative rules of starting a business and
dealing with people, yet achieved great success. When I read the summary of
movie, ‘Pirates of Silicon Valley’, I gradually realized that I disliked Steve
Jobs for his behavior and temperament. As described by his employees, he was
demanding, unpredictable, and mean. Nevertheless, he is a sort of a person that
shows an idea that can be great if you start to create and execute.


Why I am
not interested in following his footsteps could be because of the reason, he
was exceptionally hard on members of his team. He was prone to emotional outbursts,
which caused team members to become cautious around him, and often not share
realities. It would have been better if
he treated his staff and employees as humans and not machines. Jobs managed his employees, which is wrong. As a good
employer, we should lead the employees, to build a better bond, build a team,
and together become successful. It is also known that, Apple would
spend about 3 years to develop the original Macintosh computer, this intense
perfection and burden on employees often leads to the failure of small


If ever I
would have the chance to begin my own career I would do my best not to
encounter the troubles and circumstances that Steve Jobs had, instead of being
abusive and bossy.


Finally, I appreciate what Steve Jobs accomplished in his lifetime;
I felt a connection to him through his products as I admire his Apple products.
Jobs always seemed to know what I wanted to buy before I did. However, after
reading Steve Jobs biography, by
Walter Isaacson, who had personally
interviewed Jobs, I have concluded that you don’t have to run your company like
he did, you cannot follow his success by being like him. In fact, you do not
need to be Steve Jobs to build your company. You will never be a success if you’re
too reckless in your way of thinking. However, you do need to take risks,
push for the results you want to see in your business, and accept that there
will be failures at times.



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