StopNshopToday, Inc.’s Benefits Package


Human resource is the most important assert to any organization. It determines the quality and quantity of a company’s output and the general ability of the company to respond to changes in the contemporary world. Briscoe, Schuler, and Claus (2009) assert that the key to having a productive workforce is to ensure that they are always motivated. A motivated workforce offers the best of the services, are easier to coordinate and will work as a team.

This has been the aim of StopNshopToday for the past several years that it has been in operation. However, the recent disquiet from the employees has raised a lot of concern and the management is determined to address the issue with the urgency it deserves. Some of the benefits that the management appreciates that the workforce should be given are: standard holidays throughout the year, fair deduction of insurance premiums, among other premiums.

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It is worth noting, however, that the company is not operating in a vacuum. Bogardus (2009) explains that external forces that a company has to face may determine the way it relates to the employees in regards to the benefits it offers. The company may only be in a position to offer the employees benefits that are about the average of what is offered by the industry, particularly because of the financial constrains that are involved. Below is a comparison of what other industry players offer, against what is offered at StopNshopToday, Inc.

Comparative Analysis of Employee Benefit Package

Surveys have been conducted and reports to that effect written about the employees compensatory packages in various industries in the United States of America. The table below and the subsequent chart show a comparative analysis of what the industry offers and what is offered at StopNshopToday Inc.

The Industry Average Benefits against that of StopNshopToday, Inc.
Government (%)StopNshopToday, Inc. (%)Private Industry (%)
Wages and Salaries70.25070.8
Benefits Costs29.82529.2
Paid Leave6.556.5
Supplementary Leave7.322.9
Retirements and Savings8.723.6
Legally Required Benefits8.1108.7
Other Benefits11.1010.5


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