Strategy day to day working life. The strategy

Strategy Formulation consist of 5 major

(1) The first component is organization
mission the reason why company exists. It often accompanied with companies
values and vision. (2) Goals of the company.

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(3) External analysis consist of considering
environment to identify opportunities and threats. It is an HRM role to
evaluate external environment in terms of human resources related opportunities
and threats. For example : potential labour shortages, competitors salary rates
and government regulation. As an example in US companies report that  “there is lack of basic work skills among
high school graduates” which is an element of human capital shortage.

(4) An analyzing companies internal strenghs
and weaknesses also requires HR key functions. Failure in evaluating strength
and weaknesses of workforce may result in choosing the strategy which is not
capable of pursuing. As an example the company choose the strategy to reduce
the cost through technological developments. Though the idea may sounds good,
but it failed due to discovering that 25% of employees could not operate on new
equipment. Therefore, recent researches support to integrally involve HRM in strategy
formulation.(5). And last stage choosing the Strategy. (Daley,2012)

Referring to famous D. Ulrich’s HR Role Model
it can be stated that during the strategy formulation HR Executives should be a
Strategic Partner, by guiding serious discussion of how the company
should be organized to implement desired strategy; also proposing, creating,
and debating best practices in culture change programs, organizational
behavior, or in appraisal and reward systems. 


Strategy Implementation. After choosing a
strategy organization has to make it come to day to day working life. The
strategy the company adopts dictates certain HR needs. The key role and primary
responsibility of HR is managing task, people and reward systems. Firstly, for
the successful implementation of strategy the task must be designed and grouped
in an efficient and effective manner into jobs. Secondly, the role of HRM to
ensure that the organization have the people with necessary skills and
knowledge to perform their best in implementing the strategy. This can be
achieved by recruitment, selection, training , career
development. Additionally, the HRM function should develop performance
management and reward systems. Summarising above the role of HR function as
Administrative Expert (1) ensure that the company have the right number of
employees which are skilled to apply strategic plan and (2) develop “control”
techniques that ensure emloyees are acting towards the achievement of goals
established by strategy.

At the same HR professionals in a new role as
Employee Champions must be held accountable for ensuring that employees are
engaged—that they feel committed to the organization and contribute fully to
its strategy. Also, as Employee Champions HR has a crucial role in maintaining accountability,
honesty and integrity as well as building code of ethics.


Strategy Evaluation and Control is a process
where Executives determine whether the chosen strategy is achieving the
organization’s objectives or not. If there is a need for Change, the change
agent is the Human Resources role that communicates those organizational
changes internally by organizing training opportunities so employees can learn
the new skills necessary for changing business goals, or changes job
descriptions to reflect those altered roles. Essentially, the change agent
helps adapt the organization for its next stage of growth or evolution.



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