Stress social network that provides protection for possible


is not healthy for any person. There are several ways to cope with stress. For
example: medication, the fight-or-flight response, social support, proper rest,
and many others. There’s always a way to deal with stress, you just have to
figure out which way works best for you.

deal with stress in many different ways. According to our textbook, there is
the fight-or-flight response, tend-and-befriend response, and social support.
The fight-or-flight response is defined as “responding to stress by either
attacking the source of the stress or fleeing from it” (Aronson, Wilson, &
Akert, 2013, p. 424). The tend-and-befriend response is where you respond to
stress with compassionate activities that will protect your offspring and
yourself while creating a social network that provides protection for possible
threats. “Social support is the perception that others are responsive and
receptive to one’s needs. When it comes to stress, I have a few things that I
use to cope. With my depression and headaches, I have medications that I take
on a daily basis. As long as I continue to take my medications, my symptoms are
under control and I am in a stable mindset. Rest is how I cope with fatigue.
Although it is hard to rest with an active two-year-old, I still manage to get
the rest I need in order to function during the day. I recently received
injections that burned the nerves in my back in order to decrease my back
pains. Before the injections, nothing seemed to work when it came to pain
relief. When I leave work and get home to my daughter, my irritability goes
away. Time away from work is how I cope with the work related stress. I guess
you can say I exercise the fight-or-flight response on a daily basis. You have
to know when to pick your battles. I have three weeks left until I am done with
being an Active Duty soldier in the United States Army, and all the work
related stress will disappear.

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the stress symptom chart, I monitored my stress-related symptoms over the
course of five days. The chart contained symptoms such as anxiety, depression,
hostility, muscle tension, headaches, and may more. Throughout these five days,
at certain times (lunch, dinner, and bedtime), I checked off the symptoms I
felt at that current time. My results were very consistent. The symptoms I
experienced the most were depression, headache, backache, and fatigue. Two out
of the five days I experienced irritability. Out of the symptoms I experienced
the most, only two of them (fatigue and depression) were actually related to
stress. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD).
Wwhen it comes to the other two (headache and backache), I pretty much know why
I have those pains. I have been experiencing back pains for the past two and a
half years (after the birth of my daughter), and my headaches begain recently
after I had sinus surgery. I experience irritability on two out of five days,
only at around lunch time. The difference between these two days and the other
three days is the fact that I was at work on those two days. Work is the only
place where I be come irritable.

What is stress? Aronson, Wilson,
and Akert defined stress as the negative feelings and beliefs that arise
whenever people feel unable to cope with demands from their environment. Stress
can have a major impact on a person’s health. For  instance, if a woman is stressed, it can
alter or delay her menstrural cycle. Stress can also cause a person to develop
a common cold. Sometimes a person is too stressed or have so much going on that
they don’t realize that they are stressed. This assignment was about
determining if I was stressed using a stress symptom chart. Throughout this
paper, I will discuss my results and discuss how I tend to deal and cope with
my everyday stressors.


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