Successful Careers in Culinary Arts


Admittedly, the vast majority of people spend hours, days or months trying to decide what career to choose. Some of the major factors which influence the choice are salary, schedule and self-realization and the image of the career. If a person likes cooking he or she may consider culinary arts career. One of the most fascinating careers in this area is hot line.

Who is a “hot line” cook?

Hot line includes all cooks participating in preparing hot foods – “soups, appetizers, entrees, vegetables”, etc (Donovan 18). The term “hot line” was coined since in the majority of kitchens hot food was prepared on the stoves arranged in a single line (Donovan 18).

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The qualities which any hot line cook should possess are expertise in a variety of dishes, “split-second timing, excellent memory skills, and the ability to keep a variety of dishes in production at one time” (Donovan 19). These people create gorgeous dishes which are artworks. Here cooks can use their creativity and even obtain worldwide popularity.

Advantages of the career

In the first place, it is necessary to point out that culinary is one of the most ancient and well-developed industries. It originates from “the taverns of ancient Rome” (Mondschein and Matters xii). Nowadays it is a very profitable industry.

For instance, National Restaurant Association stated that it was “$558 billion industry” and calculated that “each American eats out an average of 230 times per year” (Mondschein and Matters xii). It goes without saying that such profitable industry presupposes quite high salaries. For example, in 2006 US head chefs and cooks working in “fancy restaurants” made about $60,730. At present the salaries increased.

Apart from good salaries career in culinary art can bring satisfaction. Creative people are able to realize their ideas. Reputedly, cook was always a very important profession since no place (restaurants, taverns, homes) or event (conferences, and even wars) could do without cooks. More so, among the first Europeans who set foot on American land there were cooks.

At present the profession did not lose its significance and even became “glamorous” (Mondschein and Matters xiii). Thus, the career of hot food cook is very attractive for creative people.

Disadvantages of the career

Admittedly, this career can have drawbacks, as any other. However, it is important to state that these shortcomings are insignificant (especially in comparison with other professions). First, working at a hot line is “physically demanding” since the cook has to spend hours on his/her feet (Career as a Chef). However, there are many people who cannot just sit, they are very active. Thus, if a person active he/she will become a good cook.

Some claim that salaries are not high, especially salaries of novice cooks. Nevertheless, t is but natural since in any sphere novice workers do not get much since they are first tried. Finally, many people claim that cooks have too little time for their families or just recreation since they often have to work on weekends and in the nighttime. However, it is possible to mange one’s time irrespective of any schedule.


On balance, the career of a hot line cook is an exciting opportunity to self-realize for active and creative people. Moreover, this can be a successful career which will bring a lot of profits and even worldwide popularity.

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