Summary Atlas Shrugged Part One and Two


“Atlas Shrugged” refers to a novel by Ayn Rand. In this novel Rand explores the United States where there is an outcry of renowned renovators against exploitation by the government. The government expresses its spirit of relentlessness in exploitation by maintaining control over the industry. As a result, the whole society collapses amid a mass exit by many citizens who were hitherto pillars of the economy.

The author focuses on the theme of the role of human brain in the ‘being’ of humans. Rand also successfully brings out the philosophy of objectivism by using a number of themes, which are philosophical in nature. Objectivism simply means the existence of truths independent of the mind or perception.

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Rand suggests that man’s survival is dependent on how well he/she applies the rule of good deeds and bad deeds. She thus advocates virtues as honesty, integrity, independence, and confidence. Rand prefers realistic characters rather than symbolic ones and insists that they should rise above normal man.

Issuance of sanctions to victims is another theme that Rand clearly brings out. Victim sanctions imply the readiness of what is good to undergo suffering in presence of evil. As such, Rand asserts that evil can only exist if good condones it and that people should be rational in their discipline while pursuing personal interests.

In addition, the theme of property ownership and individualism brought out when Rands speaks against those interested in taking advantage of what belongs to others and labels them “looters”. In particular, she criticizes governments, which exploit their citizens.

In conclusion, through her novel, Rand seeks to educate individuals on matters concerning their rights as citizens, and their rights to own property without undue influence from the government. She also seeks to educate the societal leaders that in order to retain the pillars of their economies, they ought to respect their rights to ownership and give them the freedom to innovate freely.


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