The objective assessment to a particular product

The article under consideration is called A Quirky Way of Innovating and is dedicated to the analysis of the origins of technological introductions. In particular, Gans, the author of the article, reveals the idea that most of innovations are the result of people’s desire to solve their specific problems, but not the united attempt of leading scientists to improve the production process. In this regard, the problem arises concerning the appropriateness of creating scientific communities whose activities are much more ineffective comparing to individual ones. Further in the article, the author discloses the essence of producer-customer relations whose cooperation contributes greatly to the assessing needs and introducing improvements to the production process and design (Gans 2011). However, the fact that novelty ideas come from the user is still not taken for granted. Improving the information flow and intelligence share can generate more innovations and sustain the competitiveness of companies. Due to the fact that ideas coming from customers can be presented in the form of suggestions, the main task of manufacturers is to synthesize those ideas in a worthy contribution to the company’s performance and productivity.

In this regard, the author assumes such sort of cooperation creates a new competitive market of ideas and suggestions. While discussing the concept of innovation, the author pays attention to the role of communication whose growing importance is logical in the light of competition and companies’ desire the meet customers’ needs. Taking this perspective into consideration, the firms start launching various campaigns where the primary task of customers is to provide their objective assessment to a particular product and idea. Quirky campaign has been introduced for the similar purposes. In this regard, the author provides explanation for the role of particular technological devices in achieving particular management goals.

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Implications for Professionals in Strategic Management

The article under consideration provides a solid ground for developing new management strategies and for the improvement of the production sphere. In particular, it allows future professionals in strategic management to evaluate the role of innovations at a different angle.

What is more important is that the concept of innovation is congruent with invading processes of integration and globalization. The article plays an important role in considering innovation as an effective business strategy. Indeed, technological advancement is a step forward to increasing a company’s competitive advantage.

More importantly, the article provides a fresh view on the sources of innovations clarifying and explaining new approaches to knowledge management. The formation of customer’s need, therefore, can be achieved through Internet channels that have reformed the contemporary market network and communication system. Due to the fact that firms’ performance largely depends on resources those firms possess to sustain a competitive advantage, the idea of using the innovative ideas of individuals is an effective management strategy for improving firms’ productivity and revenues.

In this regard, the article throws the light on powerful means of using collective ideas and suggestions. What is more, the work also explains the role of people-oriented management in working out effective business strategies. In addition, the author of the article clearly presents the idea of introducing technological innovation through objective customers’ evaluation. Orientation on customers’ needs can assist in firm’s managing problems with professional and technological growth where people are the major source of interesting and productive ideas.

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