Teenage relationships happens to come from either gender

Teenage dating violence is a dangerous problem that needs more attention. Teen domestic violence is the physical, sexual, emotional  way of violence. The causes of a domestic violence relationship comes from someone who is controlling and could possibly be jealous and the other decides the effects can lead to very bad situations also the other will obey and do whatever is told to do because he or she is so scared. During my research I noticed and came across a large number of percentage rates of teenagers who are or once experienced abuse in their Teen relationship.The huge amount of individuals who deals with these behaviors from their significant other are not doing anything better for themselves if they do not speak up and ask for help from anyone. In order for teenagers to get the help that is needed they will need to open up to a specialist and others who are involved and can relate to those teenagers who suffer from domestic abuse and to be able to learn about the things that come along with dating violence and what they should know and To also have an understanding of what is going on and what defines an abusive relationship.   According to (https://www.everydayhealth.com/) states that the dynamics of teen dating violence starts with emotional or psychological abuse an example would be teasing is something that could escalate to physical or sexual abuse. However the aggression from teen relationships happens to come from either gender also according to (www.Everydayhealth.com) states that there is some evidence that teenage girls are are more likely to slap,hit,kick and yell and teenage boys are more likely to physical abuse or sexual which still is a form of violence. Girls who are in a dating violence relationship they tend to believe everything they does could be self defense no matter what they even if they are the ones who attack first.    Domestic teen violence is beginning to become the most common than another age group and is getting worse because they are still young and do not know anything about the things that could happen to them. There are things that a teen will not be ready for and will not know how to handle certain situations when it happens. The reason Teens always seems to become violent is sometimes caused by the things that might go through at home or they witness behavior from somewhere else and they tend to copy. This can also cause emotional abuse, verbal and physical abuse and it leaves the person who is being abused by their significant other hard for them to leave because they are too scared knowing what would happen to them if they do.       Victims of dating violence are more likely to struggle in school. Teens who are currently enrolled in school who suffers from domestic violence has a hard time dealing with this situation while also coming to school every day not knowing what could happen to them that day. Schools often have counselors for their students to seek for some help but sometimes no one is interested in doing so instead they deal with everything on their own. It makes it hard for teachers to realize what goes on in their own classes because the one who is going through a depression and currently being abused cannot even tell because they will not speak up until someone does so for them. Teens often have themselves a group of friends or that one person that feel like they can share any and everything with but that all changes once one person comes around and changes it for them and they are left with no kind of help at all. The only way these teens will be able to get help is if they do it on their own as long as they actually want it. In the United States 1.5 million high school students experience dating violence every year and only 33 percent of them report the abuse. (http://www.loveisrespect.org). According to (https://www2.ed.gov) 20% of students with mostly the average of D’s and F’s have engaged in dating violence in the last year while only 6% with mostly A’s have engaged in dating violence. Sometimes either one or both partners gets physically injured very badly they will decide not to even go to school. A teenage couple is constantly spending time with each other and the relationship is unhealthy they will each decide to not any class work or homework and sometimes will even decide to skip school together instead of giving their attention to the more important things they rather sit around and watch their grades slip. It is important for teens to know being in a relationship at a young age should be a good thing not stressful and education should be what always should come first.  Having a boyfriend or girlfriend while in high school will feel like its a good thing will think it’s such a good feeling until everything starts to go downhill. According to (http://neatoday.org) teenagers who skips classes and school and also has a lot of missing homework assignments is because their partners believe that all the time they have should be given to them and nobody or anything else. When a teacher is noticing things are slipping from a unexpected student that is when a counselor is needed to get involved to see what it is going on with the student. If there was a way to teach the young ones who are currently in a relationship at a young age about a healthy relationship and ways to avoid it getting between being your school and academic work it is possible it could be reduced at least by  60%. If there is no help in schools giving to students then there will be no change to anything.Statistics according to (https://news.uga.edu) students who date in middle school has the worst study skills and are four times more than likely to dropout of school than classmates who are not in any relationships. Being so young and new to having such feelings students happen to always push themselves to be so dedicated to making someone else happy. In a survey made by (StageofLife.com) 61% of high school students claim that have once been in love or is currently in love at that moments this can lead to problems with other things that are more important. Students will do whatever is needed to be able to hang out with their boyfriend or girlfriend even it has to do with cutting school or other things. Their grades will become negative impacts and will be a reflection and parents and teachers will soon to start comparing grades from before a relationship to now currently being in one.Teenagers loses a whole lot of interest in their studies because of problems in the relationship. Many high school students who never experienced being in a relationship does not know that are not ready to be getting more responsibilities thrown their way. (https://www.huffingtonpost.com) believes that high school relationships and only 2% makes it until marriage. A high school relationship environment should not be a a good place to deal with your relationship.(https://www.huffingtonpost.com) also agrees that student should be worried and focused on what colleges they are ready for and will they ready for the next of their life instead of worrying about what they are getting ready to buy their girlfriend or boyfriend. Someone who has to go through being broken up with in school is most likely to be damaged because they are not fully matured and the littlest things will happen to stress them out and they will react a certain way which will cause consequences from the school.Teen domestic violence can lead to a lot of serious situations that nobody knows which is depression. Teen depression is a feeling of sadness which can change the way a teen will think and also behave a different kind of way. Not only is depression something that teens suffer from teens also happens to lose friends because they insist to choose their spouse before them because they are scared what will happen although their friends does not know what is happening. The longer someone decides to stay in a abusive relationship their spouse will begin to get more aggressive because he/she is already beginning to become more comfortable and the other is allowing it. However the more this happens to a teen and nothing is done about it the more they both will believe that there is nothing wrong with domestic teen violence if they are aware of it.       Symptoms such as anxiety and depression can all be a hint of teen dating violence. In some situations this can become very bad and overwhelming for someone it is a possibility that they might consider suicide as their only way out because of depression. Teens also uses alcohol smoking and other types or drugs to deal with the pain they are putting through by their significant other by doing these things teens believe that is relieves stress from themselves and it helps them keep their mind off of everything that they have going on with their relationship life.    Not only is sadness an example of depression there are also other ways that can cause reason for a depressed teen is just by having aggressive behavior. Being yelled at name calling or even threats can be a reason of depression. Some teens do not believe that this is nowhere near any type of violence because of the things they are being to told by others for example if a significant other is feeding you a bunch of lies saying how much they care and love you your going to always stick around because you believe it. Young teens often do not believe that any of these signs or kind of control is abuse. However they rather stay around and being told what they can or not do and lets it eat them up inside and they do not know what they should about themselves.Teens who are depressed are more than likely to begin act certain ways toward others which is not being there self because of their depression. No matter what kind of abusive ways the teen is going through the pain can last for a very long time. According to (www.families.com) teens who are sexually active throughout their relationship are mostly known for being depressed and wanting to attempt suicide. Teens who are in violence relationships are the ones who are caused with the most stress on their shoulders because there are times when the partner are forced or is only allowed to wear certain things or whatever is told to them to wear  and if they do not agree with what is told from them a argument will start and soon violence will become a part of it. This a way of controlling a example of dating violence. Teenagers age 18 and 19 experience the highest rates of stalking according to (http://victimsofcrime.org). Stalking is an example of abusive behavior because it happens to be unwanted attention and harassment. During my research reading articles and real-life stories I have come across is that after a domestic violence relationship have been dealing with stalking from a previous partner even after the relationship. Examples of stalking would be invading someone’s personal space such as sending gifts that are not wanted randomly showing at their house and even constantly calling. Someone who is being a stalker I believe thinks they have the power of the person they are stalking because it can go further and can turn into threats or things that could possibly end up to physical altercations with each other. Being stalked can last a lifetime if nothing gets done about and the person is not willing to find a way for them to be safe in no kind of way.Stalking can happen after a break or during the relationship. Someone who is bold enough and is willing to stalk someone is only doing this to have power and control over that person since they already have a unhealthy relationship going on. Stalkers will threaten and harass and it could soon lead to physical violence. Although where are different meanings to people when it comes to them stalking I believe any unwanted attention or unexpected calls or anything else will be considered stalking. This can cause a lot of fear to someone because you are unaware what that person is capable of doing or where you may or may not see them which will leave you nervous and unsure of what kind of things you are comfortable of doing.  There are three stages of stalking behavior and those are unwanted contact which is if your significant or just anyone decides to constantly make phone calls to you or random visits that you did ask for and that person will not stop no matter what you have done is a sign of stalking. Escalation happens to be a phase as well once a stalker finally gets rejected from all of the things they were previous doing and start to feel as though they are starting to feel unconnected with their partner that is usually when the harassment and stalking behaviors starts to come to an end. lastly violence seems to be the last phase of stalking. In domestic violence relationships a stalker always seem to turn things into being violent mostly when the other does not give them the reaction or attention that he or she wants or was expecting so they decide being physical will be their way of overpowering their target.


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