The and how its related to the Feminist

The Color Purple is the title of a novel about an impregnated and abused African American girl named Celie who is the main character lived as a young, poor and uneducated girl, at a time when black women were dominated by black men in the 20th century, I’m going to talk about this novel written by Alice Walker, how stereotypical, role, attitude towards women and how its related to the Feminist Criticism.

    Firstly, the novel talks about the stereotype of the women, the powerless women must obey men on everything they want, it’s like the men are the slave masters and the women are the slaves. Therefore, the 14-year-old Celie stayed quite about the abusive father and her husband whenever he beats her about things that she was supposed to do.

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    Secondary, the role of women is different from white and black, the white women were usually rich, educated while the black women were poor and uneducated like Harpo’s wife, Sofia was poor and uneducated yet strong and influential black woman until the mayor’s white wife came to ask Sofia to be her maid, her daring rejection decision led people reacting like she has no rights to say “no” and calling her names. For that the socially and politically powerful characters the mayor and his wife got Sofia into prison and worked for the wife after all.

    Thirdly, in the 20th century the community attitude towards women believed that women should stay at home with no education, their only job was to obey their husbands, have children and raise them. Also, their attitude towards Shug Avery, the mistress of Celie’s husband, when she was sick due to her sexual activity and the community called it a “woman disease” even though men are equally susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases.

     In conclusion, from Alice’s novel seems to me at that time women were humiliated and oppressed by men, and didn’t even have the rights to defend themselves and obey the male community. Women shouldn’t be puppets of the society who can be manipulated in whatever direction the society feels like.


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