The as a rewarding concept of Dr. Pedro

The purpose of this study is to develop an
automatic queuing system using a touch screen panel which student can access
through an RFID card. In the development of the project, a single Kiosk will be
used. The project will be implemented in the middle of accounting, cashiers and
registrar’s office of Urdaneta City University, which will be used by
approximately 11,000 students from different colleges and departments within
the university.

The system will use only for student/parent
billing and some other purposes in the administration department in the
university. The parents/students are not capable to pay online. Only the
administrator is capable to edit or modify the records of the student. The system
has only limited use during enrolment because of the upcoming freshmen new
students, same is true with the parents and visitors. The system is used for
usual daily transaction only

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Research Methodology

chapter presents the Research Design, Sources of Data (Locale of the Study and
Population/Sampling). It also presents the research instrumentation, which
describes the research instrument as well as data collection. This also
describes the tools for data analysis that will be used in the treatment of

study made use of the descriptive method of research using questionnaires in
determining the cause of queue inefficiency encountered by students of Urdaneta
City University during transactions. The study will use such method
because it describes the nature of situation as it exists at the time the study
was conducted. According to Zulueta (2003), descriptive design identifies the
presented existing condition of a particular situation with the use of
questionnaire/interview guide to serve as basis for gathering data to be
analyzed and interpreted later on.

this method it aims to the determine the cause of queue inefficiency
encountered by the students of Urdaneta City University during transactions, as
to the profile of the students, the office where they encounter problem the
most and the possible troubles they experience while in the line.

Local of the Study

City University (UCU) started as a rewarding concept of Dr. Pedro T. Orata,
world renowed educator and a Ramon Magsaysay awardee to establish an
educational complex that will provide basic education all the way through
higher education in a single compound. Its humble beginning contrasts its
current status as a fast growing and lone local university in the Province of
Pangasinan.  It started maximizing
available resources to provide education to knowledge-hungry youth and young
adults, believing on the principle of Education for all!

                        With five (5) decades of
service, UCU now boasts of an enrolment of almost 11,000 students. From the
borrowed classrooms, the College has now expanded to more than seven buildings.
A newly-refurbished library, student centers, a multi-media library, and
renovated rooms are just some of the features that UCU could now lay claim to.


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