The Corporation & Our Media, Not Theirs

The film by Joel Bakan “The Corporation” deals with the most significant facets of the issue of corporations in our society. This film produced a very strong impression on me, made me think of our society development and our future.

First of all, I’d like to point out that this film made me feel as if I finally understood thoroughly what I only suspected. I realize that this film is not a “scary movie”, but it is a reflection of what is happening. The film revealed what corporations are, what they do, what positive or rather negative impact they produce, and, finally, how people can cope with all that. As far as my opinion on the film is concern I’d like to point out that this is a very useful film, which causes only positive feelings.

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Of course, a lot of negative things about corporations are revealed, but still the film shows that it is possible to influence corporations; this film makes the viewers not only see and admit the facts enlisted in the film, but it provokes necessity of action and making corporations work for people, and not vice versa; for corporation is people’s creation “endowed in the interest of society” (Drucker 209).

Personally I was impressed by the passage revealing media corporation impact on people, and how people can resist such a big machine. To my mind, the most frightful and powerful of all corporations are media corporations, since they influence people almost 24 hours a day: ads, news, even programs and films.

All above mentioned are means of making people do the necessary choices in products, and even ideas. People know only what they are allowed to know – this was the most striking notion for me. Nevertheless, even this huge power can be resisted, for there still people “who are feisty and fractious enough” to say about media the whole truth (DeJean). It is only a great pity that there are few people who dare to say truth, and there are too many of those who only think of profits.

To my mind, the main purpose of the film is to make people (as much people as possible) aware of the processes which corporations cause, caused or may cause. The filmmakers intended to provide as comprehensive information as it is possible. The film is devoted to detailed depiction of the corporations and their impact on society.

Actually, I could assume that the filmmakers wanted to provide adequate information with a bit negative tinge, and this, by no means, can not a demerit of a film, since there is much more negative than positive about corporations. They wanted each viewer, after watching this film, to take his/her own ideas about the whole issue.

I believe that the filmmakers counted on a very diverse audience, and they actually succeeded, for it is very clear and watchable for ordinary individuals and it is still very interesting even for specialists. The speakers not only state something, they illustrate it, prove it; the filmmakers support the voices by very emotional videos, thus the film effects by provoking ideas and provoking images.

I am sure that the film reaches its purpose to make people think about the situation in our society and make their response, since I am one of those people, who watched it and was affected by it. I would assume that filmmakers wanted to focus on young people, for young people should understand the necessity of actions and youth can and actually must act. Young people should know these processes so to be able to change things.

As for me, this film depicted the comprehensive picture of the modern society and me in this society. Not so long ago I didn’t think about corporations impact, or rather about corporations at all; but now I understand that corporations are making quite a lot of harm to the whole society, since they are only concerned about the profit, they don’t bother about ethics, other people rights, environment, they simply don’t think about the future.

Industrial corporations use natural resources, accumulate wastes; deprive people from working in normal condition, work out different ways to make money without thinking about the consequences.

At this point I’d like to consider the film passage concerning using chemicals, which not only pollute the environment but cause very negative effects in people. Still corporations sell such products without thinking that they and their relatives can also suffer from their business (not even in the future, the very next day after tasting that milk during their breakfast).

I should admit that I am (or was) aware of most of things discussed in the film, but only now it came across my mind that I am a part of that system: I use corporation’s products, I consider options given by advertisements, finally, I watch news and form my own opinion based on what I am told. Now I understand that the majority of media promotes somebody’s interests, and now I will think twice before making my decision.

My strong belief is our media system needs changes. I would support the Media Reform Movement, since I understand that media corporations forgot about the purpose of media, they don’t provide any truthful and unprejudiced events or facts, they only feed people with some little amounts of information which can bring profit. To my mind it is possible to change this state of things.

One of the ways discussed in the film and pointed out by Boler is governmental interference using restrictions (Boler 60-63). This can be very helpful especially if implemented correctly and thoughtfully.

Though, I was impressed by another very simple way of influencing even huge corporation pointed out in the film. This simple way is boycotting products of corporations which are to be affected. To my mind this is very effective, since even huge corporation can collapse without people paying their money.

For instance, if people know that this corporation uses child labor, they shouldn’t buy such products; though it is necessary to stress that strict control should be taken under this process. Thus, I think even I can influence corporations via this easy way. From this moment I know I can be active and help in reasonable developing of our society.

Thus, I would like to point out that the film “Corporation” is very informative and evoking. It shows the real essence of a corporation, shows what types of corporations exist, what impact they cause or may cause, and it shows there are always ways how to cope with corporations. Apart from this the film evokes the viewers’ contemplations on the issue, makes them act or at least see the possibility of action.

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