The Day the Humankind Was Born: Does the Christian Mythology Bring People Closer?

Introduction: Bringing Cultures Together

The Christian story of the world creation and the following banishment of Adam and Eve from Heaven must be one of the most famous myths all over the world. Telling people the way in which the world was created, depicting the divine image of God and explaining why the door to the Heaven is closed for the humankind, the given myth offers a plethora of food for thoughts.

Moreover, since it allows to trace the history of the humankind to the day it was created and clarifies that all peoples actually root from the same source, the given legend brings the entire humankind together, allowing people of different nationalities and sets of mind to find a common language.

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Therefore, it can be concluded that the famous Biblical myth about Adam and Eve not only helps to see the way in which the mankind and all living beings together with the rock and water appeared, but also to establish the bonds between various nationalities and help the world to reunite, despite the cultural, political and even religious discrepancies.

Rooted Deep in the Myth: The Kindred Spirits

Indeed, on the one hand, people are most likely to become reunited with the help of the myth about the world creation and the fall of Adam and Eve, the first people. Once realizing that there are certain bonds between people, one will feel related more closely to those who surround him/her, which means that the famous Biblical story does have immense impact on people.

Realizing how closely people are interrelated and how deep the roots of thee relationships are, one is most likely to feel friendlier to his/her neighbors, friends and the rest of the people surrounding him/her, which means that the world will be getting closer.

According to what Bartholomew and Goheen (2004) say, the world genesis presupposes not only integrity, but also individuality and close relation to the superior power: “In Genesis 1 and 2 the teaching about the humankind is rich and manifold, unique among the creatures. Which God creates, humankind is personal. God addresses only the man and woman: they enjoy a uniquely personal relationship with God” (p. 43).

Does the Mythology Hinder the Reconciliation?

However, it is still worth noting that the history of the world origin might also create certain barriers for people to reunite. One of the most notorious ones, the issue of different religions, must be the most complicated ones. Even though the Christian myth concerning the world genesis may help to bring the Christians of different confessions together, the people of different religions will still remain detached from each other, separated by the wall between them – the wall of the religious issues.

Considering the issue closer, one should understand that the variety of ways in which the Biblical genesis of the world can be interpreted with allows to make a number of suppositions. Moreover, the given suppositions may contain the contradictory elements which might further on enhance the misunderstanding and contribute to the separation among the Christians.

As Brown (2007) explains, the two ways in which the Genesis can be interpreted already presuppose a number of complexities to deal with: “Thus, re-translating Genesis, Fenton intuitively understood that there are actually two different Creations of man – one closest to God in the Highest Spiritual Realms and the other of man of earth much further down in the material worlds” (p. 209).

Therefore, it must be admitted that the theory of the world genesis appears to be a double-sided sword that ca both contribute to the world reunion and at the same time threat the integrity of the Christians all over the globe.

Learning Where the Humankind Roots from

Despite the discrepancies in the way the humankind interprets the famous myth of the origin of the world and the first people, it is still obvious that with the help of the given legend, one will be able to unite the people over the world. Moreover, with the help of Genesis story, one can even conceive certain elements of the purpose of life.

Since the first people were banished from Heaven and sent to the Erath for committing the sin, it is obvious that one of the key purposes of a Christian is to live a decent life that will bring some fruitful results and repent to be forgiven and enter the realm of Heaven.

Moreover, according to what Newsom and Ringe (1998) claim, the Biblical story of the Genesis not only offers the explanation of why people live and provides the aim for living, but also established the family values and introduces the social roles of women in the society:

Man and woman are parts of a whole, anticipating the genealogical patterning of Genesis. Men and women will unite and have children, the male children leaving to join wives and form new families. The conjugal couple is the foundation of social ad cultural relationships for the writers of Genesis. (p. 16)

Hence, one must admit that Genesis provides an all-embracing explanation of where people come from. Moreover, the Genesis interpretations allow people to see their own aim of living. To top it all, Genesis offers a detailed description of the Lord’s divinity and helps people see God as the Father of all living creatures.

Conclusion: While the World Is Spinning

Judging from the above-mentioned, one should mark that with the help of the myth about the humankind creation, the world is likely to become integral again. The famous myth about the two children of God who began the story of the whole world is bound to allow people to overcome the controversies and obstacles that hinder them from understanding each other, thus, reconciling and reuniting into a single entity.

Therefore, it must be admitted that the myth has played a great part in the process of reinventing people’s perception of the world. Quite naive and filled with the references to a deeper, more profound ideas, the legend about world creation is more than merely a story. It is essential that the myth not only narrates the history of the world creation, but also offers certain clues to the truths that are kept well concealed from the humankind.

Perhaps, when understanding what is hidden between the lines of the Biblical myth, people will be able to get closer to understanding the concept of Lord’s divinity. However, it cannot be denied that the mankind has a long way to go – and when brought together, people will cover the distance if not faster, then definitely with more ideas to consider.

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