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To study the goals and mission of the fire department, I will take the New York City fire department as an example. The fire station is guided by a written goals and objectives stated in the FDNY strategic plan for the 2009-2010. The New York City fire station is for the third time publishing its goals and objectives, enabling it to successfully implement its services to the community.

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The station had five specific goals and objectives for the year 2009 to 2010. The objectives include improvement on the emergency on the response to the fires, natural disasters and other emergency situations. Second is providing the stations members with the good health and safety. The third goal is to strengthen the development of both the management and the administration.

The fourth goal is for the station to increase its services in other region. Lastly, the fire station needs to advance in the fire prevention services and also on the safety teachings methods. The stations objectives are important for the community since the people can benefit from the wide range of services that will ensure less property destruction from fires. Also there will be quick response to the hospital emergencies, harmful material accidents, abnormal disasters, and other situations that requires emergence response. In the year 2007 to 2008, the New York fire station had established a three years Borough commands strategic planning system which had followed the department of bureau operations goals. The fire station had also an objective in the year 2010 of forming Borough commands department that meant to address the queens and Staten Island division, battalions and companies. The department aim was to serve the New York City residents and visitors.

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The department was also aimed at giving all the station members and the public, the necessary information and vivid understanding of the fire stations achievements and future stations growth. The New York fire station has also incorporated its goals and objectives in the fire service agency program. The station has several service agency programs including the special operations command service agency, the customers and stakeholders’ services agency system among other service agencies. Each of these agencies has it own performances distinct from each other although each agency helps the fire station to achieve its objectives.

On the other hand, the fire station operational programs like response to the emergency operations and fire prevention in the community have supportive hand to the agency goals and strategic plan. The fire station aims at training the fire officers and soldiers and taking them to USA for a bachelor’s degree in fire science and safety. Under this plan, the station will be enhancing its mission which states that it is targeting at giving the first response to any emergency. Also by training the fire workers, the station will be able to achieve its mission by protecting the community lives and properly. Trained officers and soldiers will resource the fire station with necessary skills that will advance the New York public safety. On the other hand training of the officers will help the station to deliver its service on time therefore contributing significantly to the safety of New York community.


The New York fire station has goal and objectives are aimed in benefiting the community at large. The fire station is also aimed at becoming one of the best fire station in New York and the environs.


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