The Idea of Narcissism in Media

Narcissism in the White House

The idea of narcissism is widely spread nowadays: people are eager to survive under the conditions they create, and even the most powerful people are under a threat of being influenced by a number of narcissistic tendencies. There are many examples narcissism in media, and it is hard to define what case is more interesting and more educative. Still, if the necessity to define and to understand narcissism is urgent, it is more captivating to pay more attention to the case inherent to the political sphere of life.

In New York Times, there is a section where Ross Douthat finds it rather interesting and even provocative to comment the situations which take place in the White House and challenge various politics. In one of his comments, he focuses on self-pity that is now widely spread in the White House and may be regarded as a powerful example of narcissism inherent to politicians.

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What do people call narcissism? It is a kind of trait that is intrinsic to many people. It is selfishness that may help to achieve the cherished purpose or, vice versa, to destroy a person from the inside. It is hard to define the main characteristics of narcissism, specially for those people, who suffer from it. In the article under consideration, there is no certain attention to the idea of narcissism, still, there are so many hints so that the reader is able to make conclusions independently.

The representatives of the White House demonstrate how they can regret about something or even how they are unsure of personal decisions and forecasted outcomes. This story identifies several politicians, still, it is not obligatory to focus on the names. Politicians are great in numbers, and the feeling of narcissism that is inherent to the vast majority of them is great and influential indeed.

Several narcissistic tendencies defined prove that the political sphere is not perfect, and, as it is inherent to narcissism, these tendencies are hard to define, still, they exist and influence human lives. Such feelings like pity should not be connected with the politicians because they have a number of purposes to be achieved so that the living conditions, relations between people, and future may be improved.

As Narcissus, the character from the picture, is so deeply involved into looking at himself, as well as the activities of the politicians are of wrong direction. They find it more captivating and urgent to evaluate personal traits and discontents instead of taking care of the country.

A narcissistic person also has a tendency to think only of him or herself in any given situation. This makes it very difficult to form and maintain healthy relationships. And this is the main message of the article as well as the theme of narcissism – there are many elements of narcissisms in the world, and the vast majority of people are too weak to identify each element properly and get a chance to improve the conditions they have to live and work under.


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