The Internet

The Internet has been one of the biggest inventions that have made a great difference in the lives of many people in the world. Its introduction has come with an assortment of benefits which in one way or another has made life to be so easy. Many people say that the Internet has reduced the world into easily accessible global village since it helps people to access information from every part of the world with just some simple clicks on the keyboards and keypads of computers and related gadgets.

Internet use allows people who are interested and have the knowledge about it access a lot of information which range from different subjects hence it is able to meet the needs of diversified population that use the Internet. In this light, the invention of the Internet has been accompanied by many benefits that has turned the world into a global village, thus people can easily access any information at the click of a button.

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To begin with, the Internet has come up with ways that enable man to undertake many tasks that were in the past deemed as cumbersome since it has almost every material that is needed to tackle all sorts of problems in various fields of life. For instance, scholars and research organizations had difficult time perusing through piles of books to do their research work. These have been made so easy with the introduction of the Internet since it has all the relevant materials that are needed to carry any kind of research work.

Likewise, in the past years, people suffered greatly due to congestion that occurred in processing transactions in the banking halls. Queuing was the only way through which people received banking services. With the invention of the Internet banking was made so easy due to the fact most of the operations of the financial institutions have been made accessible through the Internet, therefore making it possible for people to conduct all their bank transactions without any difficulty.

Through the Internet people can be able to transfer money electronically, check their bank account balances and withdraw and deposit money via the Internet; this is also referred to as Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). This has also been accessible unlimitedly since the Internet is operational all the time.

Another important aspect is that the Internet has made it easy for people to do business via telecommunication media, thus having an opportunity to explore the international market.

This was a hard nut to crack before the introduction of the Internet because someone wishing to purchase goods in international markets had to use traditional means of communication such as television, phones, and newspaper. But with the coming of the Internet this has become very simple. People nowadays can easily buy goods online and at the same companies can display their commodities on the Internet. All transactions are made online hence making international trade very convenient.

Consequently, online trading has also led to great revolution in the innovativeness due to the fact that companies are able to share ideas with others which trigger them to become dynamic in the way they perform their business operations so as to be able to meet the demands of the international market. Advertisement of goods is also very easy since companies need to launch their websites where they post their commodities and prices.

This was very difficult in the past since advertisement was only limited to television, radio and print media which are relatively expensive and do not advertise the products of each company that has subscribed with them throughout. But the Internet is at all times advertising all the commodities that have been posted on it.

More importantly, the Internet has acted as a channel through which people access employment opportunities since most employers advertise jobs through agents that are online. At the same the invention of the Internet has created many job opportunities that are associated with its existence. For instance, jobs such as creation of web pages and programs have come up due to the Internet.

Internet has also led to the establishment of businesses that deal with Internet such as cyber cafes, online research agencies, search engines such as Google and social networks that are private businesses. In addition to these, individuals have also started Internet service providing firms where people subscribe at a fee to get connected to the Internet. All these cases give a clear implication of the Internet as far as availability of employment is concerned.

In the education field, the Internet has made scholarly work to be so easy since it provides all the materials that student require in doing their research and answering assignments given to them. Learners can also use the Internet to undertake their normal studies since it contains all the academic resources that are needed.

Research work has also been streamlined by the invention of the Internet since researchers from different institutes around the world can share ideas and facts. The Internet has also made learning so easy due to the fact that tutors in learning institutes can send and receive learning materials to or from their students. People can also undertake online courses which they can pursue at the comfort of their homes or offices.

Furthermore, people get entertained in various ways by the ever increasing number of entertainment sites. There are sites that are purposely created to offer recreation to Internet users such as which is used by entertainers or even ordinary people to post music, movies or funny comedies and events which are then accessed by people, hence entertaining them.

There are also social networks that are developed in the Internet which are used by people to interact by communicating, sharing photos and finding friends all over the world. Such sites include Facebook and Twitter.

Therefore, from the above benefits, it can be articulated that the invention of the Internet has really changed the lives of many people. Internet has also altered the mode in which various activities are done. It has also led to the development of so many other things related to the technology and at the same time things that seem to be inaccessible to easily reached. In essence, this invention has really affected people’s lives positively.

The Internet

The Internet: its effects and its future
written by Eva Kotsi
Internet, its effects in our lives and the future of the Internet:
The Internet is, quite literally, a network of networks. It is comprised of
ten thousands of interconnected networks spanning the globe. The computers that
form the Internet range from huge mainframes in research establishments to
modest PCs in people’s homes and offices. Despite the recent hype, the Internet
is not a new phenomenon. Its roots lie in a collection of computers that were
linked together in the 1970s to form the US Department of Defense’s
communications systems. Fearing the consequences of nuclear attack, there was no
central computer holding vast amounts of data, rather the information was
dispersed across thousands of machines. A set of rules, of protocols, known as
TCP/IP was developed to allow disparate devices to work together. The original
network has long since been upgraded and expanded and TCP/IP is now a “de
facto” standard.

Millions of people worldwide are using the Internet to share information,
make new associations and communicate. Individuals and businesses, from students
and journalists, to consultants, programmers and corporate giants are all
harnessing the power of the Internet. For many businesses the Internet is
becoming integral to their operations. Imagine the ability to send and receive
data: messages, notes, letters, documents, pictures, video, sound- just about
any form of communication, as effortlessly as making a phone call. It is easy to
understand why the Internet is rapidly becoming the corporate communications
medium. Using the mouse on your computer, the familiar point-and-click
functionality gives you access to electronic mail for sending and receiving
data, and file transfer for copying files from one computer to another. Telnet
services allow you to establish connections with systems on the other side of
the world as if they were just next door.

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This flood of information is a beautiful thing and it can only open the minds
of society. With the explosion of the World Wide Web, anyone could publish his
or her ideas to the world. Before, in order to be heard one would have to go
through publishers who were willing to invest in his ideas to get something put
into print. With the advent of the Internet, anyone who has something to say can
be heard by the world. By letting everyone speak their mind, this opens up all
new ways of thinking to anyone who is willing to listen. Moreover, the Internet
is an information resource for you to search, gathering new data on key search
aspects of your market. Perhaps most importantly, the Internet offers a new way
of doing business. A virtual market-place where customers can, at the push of a
button, select goods, place an order and pay using a secure electronic

Businesses are discovering the Internet as the most powerful and cost
effective tool in history. The Net provides a faster, more efficient way to work
colleagues, customers, vendors and business partners- irrespective of location
or operating system harnessing this powerful resource gives companies strategic
advantages by leveraging information into essential business asset. The
“technology of the future” here today. This is a fact. Businesses
making the transition will, and are prospering; however those that do not will
most certainly suffer the consequences.

One of the most commonly asked questions is, “Will the Net help me sell
more product?” The answer is yes, but in ways you might not expect. The
Internet is a communication “tool” first, not and advertisement
medium. Unlike print or broadcasting media, the Internet is interactive; and
unlike the telephone, it is both visual and content rich. A Web site is an
excellent way to reduce costs, improve customer service, disseminate information
and even sell to your market.

Perhaps, the most important facts about the internet are that it contains a
wealth of information, that can be send across the world almost instantly, and
that it can unite people in wildly different locations as if they were next to
each other. The soundest claims for the importance of the Internet in today’s
society are based upon these very facts. People of like minds and interests can
share information with one another through electronic mail and chat rooms.

E-mail is enabling radically new forms of worldwide human collaboration.

Approximately 225 millions of people can send and receive it and they all
represent a network of potentially cooperating individuals dwarfing anything
that even the mightiest corporation or government can muster. Mailing-list
discussion groups and online conferencing allow us to gather together to work on
a multitude of projects that are


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