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The Making of a Quagmire summarizes the dilemma that Vietnam masqueraded to the Americans during the early years of 1960.In this book, David Halberstam exposes the life of a journalist trapped in his own battle of suppression.

Halberstam also exposes the failings of the leadership in South Vietnam and the advisors of America who grow more and more aggravated by their mission. The lessons learnt in this book are used to relate to the case of Afghanistan in the elimination of al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

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Lessons learnt from the Making of a Quagmire

From this book, we learn about the commitment of the United States to the political struggle in South Vietnam (Halberstam 121). The US has always been determined especially in political issues and in issues that may destroy the peace in America. The reporters were the only vessel through which the Americans could get information about the Vietnam War; they were in charge of bringing the war and the South Vietnam politics to public awareness.

Another lesson learnt from this book is honesty; Halberstam is honest and refuses to publish any propaganda to defend either side. He did not compromise his opinion of the crisis regardless of the pressure on all political sides. He explains how deeply the US was involved prior to the eruption of conflict. The elimination of Osama bin Laden marked a significant milestone in the terrorism war of several countries. Osama bin Laden was involved with intentional killing of innocent lives.

The killing of Osama bin Laden involved billions of dollars and many lives were affected. Osama bin Laden’s elimination should provoke to proclaim victory and maybe return part of our troops back home from Afghanistan. As evident in The Making of a Quagmire, the United States is always committed in bringing peace to its nation hence the hunt down for Osama bin Laden.

His death was met with joy, laughter and satisfaction by the Americans as bin Laden was the most wanted man in the world (Yahannes 59). This commitment by the United States always ensures security to the Americans. The United States is always on the look out for the al-Qaedas of Afghanistan. This commitment is also essential because terrorism especially from Afghanistan may never be stopped, although Osama is dead.

We should not pull our troops from Afghanistan. Pulling our troops from Afghanistan will leave the Americans with feelings of insecurity. Although the killing Of Osama bin Laden was met with mixed reactions, there were however reporters who were honest enough and did not celebrate Osama’s death by the Americans. They are contrary to the policy of US in Pakistan and their intrusion in Iraq and Afghanistan. Like Halberstam in The Making of a Quagmire, they do not compromise their opinion on the American attack even if a majority is in celebration of Osama bin Laden’s death. It is important to express your own view with complete honesty regardless of other people’s opinion.


Although Osama bin Laden’s killing brought much joy, it is debatable whether we should pull our troops from Afghanistan as is the wish of many Americans, to my opinion we should stay.

This is because according to Sageman (78), the killing of Osama bin Laden also brings fear of retaliation by al-Qaeda to revenge the death of their leader. Terrorism might therefore increase especially in Pakistan due to the revenge that might be taken by al-Qaeda.

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