The professional growth and career development. This

The finest electrical apprentices have gone through rigorous training in college. This is as a result of the wide range of benefits an individual gets by undergoing college training. In addition, specific benefits are bound to accrue for those who employ or contract such apprentice with specialized skills. It is worthy noting that four years of training in college coupled with five years of electrical theory causes profound effect on the skills acquired by the apprentice. This system of training places the trainee in the hands of specialized, skilled and expert supervisors from whom the apprentice learns a wide body of knowledge on precise practical and theoretical skills.

Professional Growth

Another benefit derived from a number of years of theoretical and practical training is professional growth and career development. This skills place an apprentice in the path to exposures to available opportunities for professional growth.

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Professional growth incorporates functional skills gained through case study approaches where the apprentice learns and makes critical decisions using the acquired skills. In addition to acquiring specific skills with a planned and systematic approach to problem solving techniques, the apprentice competently acquires skills in problem observation, decision making, and appropriate action plans (Landale 4). This is of fundamental importance in addressing the need for professionals and expertise handling of problems in the specific area of study both in practice and theory. Professional growth provides opportunities in technical assistance based on the information that is made available. According to Landale (6), further training provides future possibilities of improved skills, holistic commitment, and professional competence in the person of the apprentice.

In addition to these benefits, an apprentice will acquire practical legal skills and working ethics incorporating business management skills.


According to the article, Benefits of Training Apprentices (1), employee productivity and performance in the workplace show marked improvement as practical training and academic work are amalgamated in the training process. This creates “better skilled workers for your company by providing skill training and job-related theory to meet your company’s needs. Participating in an apprenticeship program ensures that you will have employees that are trained to industry standards” (Benefits of Training Apprentices 1). In addition workforce needs are met since they are clearly identified during the training period which includes four years academic work and five years practical skills. The article, Benefits of Training Apprentices (3) contends that apprentice training helps employees plan better with regard to the availability of labor and the type of training required for a particular job by providing a pipeline of experienced employees (Benefits of Training Apprentices 4). Other benefits accruing as a result of practical and theoretical learning includes acquiring theoretical and practical knowledge on the finer aspects of electrical engineering requirements certifying an individual’s competence in the profession in line with the professional exams conducted after the period of study.

This industry based training provides recognition for the trainee with an improved base of growth and development. The apprentices acquire skills and incentives for personal growth with well standardized skills to industry standards attracting long term employer commitment. According to the article Benefits of Training Apprentices (4), job assurance, incentive for self employment, better wage and greater assurance form employers on the competency of apprentice, in addition to the certification a trainee receives in the form of a certificate from the Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (Benefits of Training Apprentices 4). Thus the need to undergo four years of theoretical study and five years of practical training is beneficial to the apprentice and the employer.

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