The Right to Abortion

Arguments and counter arguments have been fronted with such fierceness and eloquence for and against abortion from different quarters of the social and spiritual divide. Abortion, an age-old phenomenon is defined as a premature termination of the unborn. Far and wide, arguments have been presented in various forms that span the general to specific issues.

It is a controversial topic that spans the social, moral, medical, and legal fields. The hostility against abortion affords counter arguments that justify its legality. Therefore, abortion is the right of every woman to decide when it should occur.

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Despite the controversy surrounding a specific and working definition of when life begins, it is well worth noting that life begins a few weeks to birth. Before conception, the fetus entirely depends on the mother and any circumstances besides abortion may lead to its termination.

In addition to that, the growing embryo is not a fully developed functional human being therefore the argument that life begins at conception is preposterous and purely religious. That notwithstanding, the interest of the family and the mother are of paramount importance in this debate.

A mother should not be compelled to painfully bring up a child for eighteen years without due preparation and the social and psychological consequences faced by the unprepared mother. Some of the strong reasons presented by proponents of abortion include circumstances such as rape, mistaken pregnancies due to the failure of contraceptives, the threat to a mother’s life if she continues with a pregnancy, a deformed and disabled foetus, and work place career advancements.

On the other hand opponents of abortion argue that life begins at conception and terminating the foetus’ life amounts to a crime against humanity. They assert that terminating the life of a foetus at conception or during pregnancy amounts to killing a human being and lay emphasis on the foetus as a human being with all the fundamental rights of a person.

They argue that it is the killing of an innocent defenseless person in society when carrying out an abortion. They further assert that life is a God given gift and no one is entitled to terminate it under any circumstances.

In addition to that, opponents of abortion argue that human beings are supposed to show commitment to life of any form. They should be caring for the frail and weak in society and that spans the unborn fetus. They further affirm that happiness to life does not consist of money alone, but a complete and responsible life. Abortion is seen as a sin against the unborn as enshrined in the fifth Decalogue of the Ten Commandments in the religious eye.

Despite the arguments and counter arguments surrounding the issue on abortion, the age-old phenomenon is the legitimate right of the affected woman to decide to terminate it or continue with it. The life of the mother is far more important than the unborn foetus and everything should be done to preserve it. The right of the mother is entirely justified.


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