The the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). The article

The article “Care closer to home saves time and money,” which appeared on The Globe and Mail on April 20, 2015, was written to inform the general public about the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN). The article rationalises the positive impact of a virtual health-care patients living in a remote area in Ontario. The OTN brings access to care, efficiency and saves money. There are plenty of stories with regards to finding solutions to distance, time, and convenience problem with health care. Although the article demonstrates the effect of this network based from two patients who have use the service, this article does not adequately explore other arguments about the network. modern-day version of the doctor’s house call. With your smart phone or tablet, you can find a convenient way to access quality medical care.

As the writer describes, the government financed OTN, which is non-profit organization. It offers programs such as electronic consult through Teledermatology, Teleopthalmology and Telehomecare, which are operated by health care professionals. Health teaching, examination and monitoring are made through the virtual system. As more elderly with chronic diseases increases this type of system are gaining more popularity.

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While the article stated the program’s success, the obstacles were not mentioned. Such as required training for the operators and technical problems that might occur. While the service brings easy access and save times, it failed to mention the accuracy and reliability of readings gathered from the computer since the assessments are done virtually. Also, since appointment depends on technology, anything can interrupt the connection — bad weather, power outage or even computer glitches. Not suitable for all cases, depending on symptoms, it may or may not be the best way to work with your doctor.

In this article, the author focuses more on the benefits of OTN, and did not pursue the setbacks of the system. This article provides an outline of OTN for general audience and would be of less significant to health practitioners. It’s important to know the many benefits of the virtual system in heath care as well as the limits of telemedicine.


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