The the past couple years Credit Suisse has

The mission of Credit Suisse according to their corporate website is being “committed to facing global, particularly environmental, challenges by offering leading, forward-looking real estate solutions” (Credit Suisse). In order to become the most admired bank in the world, Credit Suisse has focused on the idea of sustainability. To the company, sustainability means striving towards economic development that is better suited to meet today’s needs, and possibly the future. As an International bank that operates as a financial firm in the United State, Credit Suisse has definitely experienced highs and lows. In the past couple years Credit Suisse has lived up to its mission by revamping their strategies in order to better satisfy their clients. Not only are they dedicated to their clients, they are also committed to helping their employees grow. Headquartered in Zurich Credit Suisse has made it a goal to focus on providing clients with private banking, asset management, and investment banking. Credit Suisse has done a lot of work with high profile companies by providing them with financial assistance when needed. Credit Suisse has recently tried to revamp the organization as we recall in 2016 the company nearly suffered a $1 billion in losses. It was as if the loss was intentional, and still “current and former executives at Credit Suisse Group AG, stretching from New York to the Swiss lender’s top ranks in Zurich, are sparring over who was responsible for the bulk of almost $1 billion in losses in recent months” (Strasburg et al, 2016). As the investigation of who was in charge during the major lost continues many different accounts were made. If Credit Suisse can carelessly lose $1 billion it shows they are not ready to become a major threat in the world of banking. The loss affected the company in many ways. Many of their clients begin to question their integrity, and whether to continue doing business with them. Recently the company has come up with a better strategy to improve the organization by strengthening the practices of human resource.    Human resource practice includes recruitment, selection, training, and development, performance management, and compensation and benefits. The way human resource uses these practices can determine the company’s success. When hiring, the criteria Credit Suisse looks for are degrees, potential, and the ability to learn.  From experience, Credit Suisse has used technology towards its advantage. The recruiting process starts with an online application. The application is not time-consuming compared to other banks with longer application forms. The response is usually rapid, if human resource management thinks of the individual as an asset to the company than an interview will be scheduled. For internships, or different programs the process usually takes about 4 weeks. Certain programs such as technical analyst offers a two-year training which educates individuals about Credit Suisse. Some of the things learned through the program are risk awareness, skills development, and division specialization. The program also includes “formal technical skills training courses and mentoring from Credit Suisse professionals” (Credit Suisse). Credit Suisse investment towards its employee demonstrates effectiveness by wanting to produce the best workers.  As of now, there is a good fit between the strategies the company has put into place and human resource management. Not long-ago Credit Suisse in Raleigh begin to recruit since in the past they let many people go in order to cut costs.


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