The theoretical lens that I have chosen to

The theoretical lens that I have chosen to analyze my novel and film through, is Feminist Criticism. Now, there is no single definition of what Feminism is, as “Feminism knows neither ‘founding mothers’ nor a distinctive methodology” (Makaryk 39). However, the overall purpose of the Feminist theory is the aim to understand and analyze the inherent problems of gender inequality. It analyses both ends of women and men social roles, with ideas such as objectification, oppression, and the overall male dominance in a society. A Feminist critic would look closely towards patriarchal societies to understand what is there and what is not there, as traditionally, women have been marginalized in various senses. Today, with the use of my chosen theory I will be answering various questions of Feminist theory, such as, how females are portrayed in a text and in the media as well as what does the work reveal about the operations of patriarchy.The novel Lolita was written by Russian novelist Vladimir Nabokov. He writes about the character Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged man, who narrates the novel from his prison cell, approximately five years after the events he describes within the text. Throughout the text, Humbert narrates his account of his affair with Lolita Haze; and the reader notes that he has an obsessive attraction towards young girls, referring to them as nymphets. He is in the pursuit of a passionate love he once had, when young with a girl who loved him in the same way. Essentially, the novel revolves around his pedophilic infatuation with this young girl who he nicknames as Lolita, but whose real name is Dolores; from the beginning of his attraction, becoming her stepfather, and whisking her away on road trips all across the USA, all the while her being 12-14 years old.American Beauty is 2000 film directed by Sam Mendes, which follows the life of 42-year-old Lester Burnham, an employed suburban husband, and father. Being fed up with his boring life, he quits his job and recreates his persona close to the stereotypical teenager. With a fancy car, a fast food job, and even being attracted to and wanting the attention of his daughter’s teenage friend Angela, who he believes is the definition of beauty.


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