The they Won’t say anything that happened in

The Crucible

Abigail is Fraud she’ll do anything for anyone to believe a
lie that she makes up the get whatever she

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wants. Parris is weak and paranoid he fears that others will
scheme against him and left with nothing

Abigail and Parris are both to blame for the events of the
crucible because she forced the girls to keep

quiet, she has an affair with john proctor, Parris tried to
prevent evidence from the court being

apprehended john proctor is the one who tells the court.
Abigail and Parris are both to

Blame for the crucible of the horrific deaths of the
puritan’s that didn’t deserve to die, if someone

Would have just spoken the truth things would have turn out


Abigail being the deceiver she is she told all the girls
that participated in the ritual in the woods to keep

Quiet. “I will come to you in the black of some
terrible night and I will bring pointy reckoning that will

Shudder you “(Miller, 468). Abigail wants to make sure
she has full control over the girls and that they

Won’t say anything that happened in the woods. Abigail is a
savage always tries to get her way just like

she did with the girls which weren’t fair for the town
because they were punished for things she did.


Abigail very much wanted to be with john proctor. Abigail
was john proctor servant girl but since then

John is guilty of what he did, so he rejects her. ” Abby I
may think of you softly from time to time. But I

will cut my hand before I’ll ever reach for you again
“(Miller, 470). John is guilty and can’t forgive himself

 For sins, he’s
committed.  John proctor’s goal is to
regain his wife’s trust and find himself along the way.

Abigail had an affair with an older man who has kids, has a
wife. Abigail is obsessed with being with John

Proctor and taking Elizabeth place but John is resolute and
determined to stay faithful to his wife and

Deny Abigail. 


Reverend Parris is a selfish person. He only care’s about
looking good for the court. Parris tried to

 Prevent Evidence
about the girls in the woods dancing being heard in the court but john proctor

 the first to  Tell them. “Abigail leads the girls to
the woods, your honor, and they have danced there

 naked …your  Honor, this is – “(Miller, 518). Proctor
won’t take any more of Abigail’s ridiculousness

anymore and told  The
court about the dancing in the woods Abigail and her friends were doing. Parris

 never told the
court  About the dancing and when Proctor
finally spoke up, Parris left things out and

made it seem like John 
Proctor was lying. “I can only say, sir that I never found anyone
naked, and this

man –”(Miller,

 518). Parris leaves
important things out that many of the Puritan’s and the court should know like

dancing Should have been the first thing spoken about, But
Parris only cares about him and how others

 perceive Him. If
Parris told Danforth what happened in the beginning and if Parris actually
cared maybe

Everything would have been different with Abigail and how
she treats others.


 Abigail is
self-centered just like Parris they’re both selfish and don’t care about others
well-being like

 the town. Parris
cares more about his money than anything. Abigail is a jealous girl who got

 caught In her web of
lies. Abigail deserves a punishment that she would fear, getting hung because

chance of Becoming John proctor wife are unlikely. Parris
deserves the same punishment he is selfish

 and he was Never
truthful with the village or the court. Parris and Abigail didn’t deserve to
live, many

innocent Puritans of their village died for there lies and
no one did anything to change that.


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