Theories school settings. This mismatch of styles causes

Theories on thinking styles began to flourish during the
1050s to the 1970s. Sternberg Theory of mental self-government (1998,1997) is
one of the many theories in Intellectual styles. The 3 most used groups, were
cognitive style, thinking style, learning style. According to, thinking styles
refer to one’s preferred way of making cognitive decisions. Perceived stress is
defined as the degree to which an individual experiences life event s as
unpredictable, uncontrollable, or generally overloading). When an individual is
stressed, they resort to their coping mechanisms in, they change their
behaviour to try to mediate the stress or depression that is being experienced.

In many cases, thinking styles is viewed as a person’s
ability. The result is, people whose styles do not match the expectation of the
parent, lover, spouse, colleague, are penalised for the wrong reasons). These
mismatches of styles become particularly dangerous when it involves work or
school settings. This mismatch of styles causes the individual to feel unable
to adapt to the styles used by those around them, thus they feel the lack in
capability to cope with the workload. Workload in the school setting is
inevitable, the issue begins when the students feel that they cannot use the
resources around them as efficiently as they could, making them perceive that
they are stressed.  Perceived stress can
be viewed as an outcome variable, rather than just a mediator in a stressful
situation. It measures the experienced levels of stress from objective
stressful events, coping processes and personality factors.

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Suicide rates in Malaysia have increased significantly over
the past 10 years. There are many contributors towards the cause of suicide
especially among adolescents. One of the leading causes of suicide in Malaysia
are the high levels of stress among adolescents. Tunku Abdul Rahman University
College, also known as TARUC has also reported to have committed suicide
because of increasing amounts of pressure in her life, including her studies

               Due to
increasing perception of stress levels that students are experiencing, from
assignments as well as stress and pressure from society and emotions of their
families, the risks of suicide may increase. This leads to the loss of many
potential minds that could have instead contributed to the growth of Malaysia.

styles affects an individual’s perception and coping of stress. Thinking styles
explains that when faced with a problem, an individual review the resources
around them to cope with the issue. As an example, if a student is Legislative
in their thinking style, they are more independent, depending more
self-instruction and self-direction rather than seeking advice from others.
This can provide a positive outcome for the individual as they are hardworking
enough to always perservere rather than give up in a situation when there are
no directions given.              

               This can
be further applied to the situation of someone committing suicide or going into
depression because they feel that the task given was something that they could
not complete. Due to the lack of hope, the coping mechanism of the individual
reduces. They lack the motication to continue, thus, leading them into
depression or suicid

To identify how thinking styles influences a person’s
decision making and its effect on their perceived levels of stress. According to
, style, or thinking style is neither a level of intelligence or a personality
trait, but instead is the use of a person’s intelligence and personality. This
explains the method which the individual chooses to apply their knowledge when
faces with an issue and from there, they may derive stress. If the issue is
perceived as a negative stress and the full resources are not completely used, then
perceived level of stress may increase.

If positive stress can be identified from the complication
being faced, the individual can generate a new method for problem solving . The
individual can then completely use their resources (social support, money,
counselling) to reduce the severity of the issue or solve it. Understanding
that thinking styles can influence a person’s ability to completely understand
a problem, can direct them to also figuring out their weakness in the way the
have been handling problems before. If a person is proud and does not seek help
when needed, they can see identify this weakness and reconstruct their thinking
style to being open to seeking help.


1)            Do
different methods of problem solving influence stress in adolescents?

2)            Does task
management in thinking styles influence the levels of stress among adolescents?

3)            Does the
tendency to overthink problems influences stress in the adolescents?




The thesis finding from this study may contribute to society
according to their levels, such as students, parents, society and the
government. Firstly, current and potential students may benefit from the study
as students might not know that thinking styles can affect their levels of
stress. Stress is very subjective, there can be many sources for it. Due to the
many thinking styles, the researcher identified that, if the perception towards
the problem is negative, then coping will take place. Unfortunately, because of
this, students can fall into depression. As an example, if a student possessed
the thinking style of someone who prefers to work alone (Internal) style, they
may experience a heavier burden of having to complete their work alone and to
manage all the presented challenges alone as w


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