There equip patients with braces made from this

There have always been and will be opponents of space
exploration. Moreover, for a person who is not deeply involved in the subject
of space research – the waste of big money for humanity’s exit from the Earth
is extremely doubtful. Only results of
the space exploration humankind can survive and lead to great discoveries in
the fields of health, mining and security.

Many devices, materials and processes, originally
developed for the space program, have found application on the Earth. NASA
scientists developed plastic coated with metallic reflective material. When
used in a blanket, it reflects 80% of the body’s heat to its owner – it helps
the victims of the disaster and post-marathon runners stay warm.

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In addition, the International Space Station has created
many medical innovations that have been used on the Earth. For example, a
method of delivering anti-cancer drugs directly to tumors, a device that allows
a nurse to conduct ultrasound and transmit results to a doctor for thousands of
kilometers, a robotic manipulator that can perform a complex operation inside
the magnetic resonance imaging machine. Novelty that is even more valuable was
the nitinol, a flexible but resilient alloy so that developed to enable
satellites to spring open after being folded into a rocket. Today, dentists
equip patients with braces made from this material.

Also in space, there are gold, silver, platinum and
other valuable substances. For example, the moon is a potentially lucrative
source of helium-3, which used for magnetic resonance imaging machine and as a
potential fuel for nuclear power plants. On Earth, helium-3 is rare that its
price reaches $ 5,000 per liter. In addition, the moon can be potentially rich
in rare earth elements like europium and tantalum, which are in great demand
for use in electronics, solar panels and other devices.

Furthermore the planet is endangered by collisions
with asteroids the size of football fields. Collision will cause a fiery storm
of heated splinters and fill the atmosphere with dust blocking the sunlight
that will destroy our forests and fields. A wisely financed space program would
allow us to locate a dangerous object long before it hits Earth and send a spacecraft
that could direct an asteroid to another course by means of a directed

Thus, the billions of dollars that expended on space
exploration will help solve very serious problems on Earth.


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