There non-prescriptive yeast infection cures that are available

are quite a number of yeast infection treatments that you can find in the
market and it is important that you know which types of yeast infection cure
work and which types do not.

It is
also important that you follow the proper way of using over the counter yeast
infection medication.

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Using OTC medications for Yeast Infections Treatment

are now several non-prescriptive yeast infection cures that are available in
the market and they come in the form of tablet, suppository or ointment.

The more common medications include:

Butoconazole – Femstat 3

Terconazole – Terazol

Tioconazole – Vagistat-1, Monistat-1

Miconazole – Monistat-7

Clotrimazole – Gyne-Lotrimin 3

It is
important for pregnant women not to use OTC medication for treatment of yeast
infection without the professional advice of a medical health professional.

General Guidelines in Yeast Infections Treatment

As a
general guideline, use of OTC medications to treat yeast infection is an
acceptable option to treat the symptoms that are attributable to the fungal
infection. This general rule applies if you have had the fungal infection
before with the same symptoms that you are experiencing now and for which you
have sought the professional advice of a medical health practitioner.

If you
are treating yeast infection either with OTC or prescription anti-fungal
medication, it is essential that you complete the full course that is required
for such treatment. You have to continue with the medication even if you observe
that your condition is getting better.

symptoms may not be present anymore. However, this does not necessarily mean
that you are fully recovered from the infection. Further, if symptoms persist
despite the treatment of yeast infections or if the condition recurs, you must
also consult your medical health professional.

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