Training Package for Microsoft Publisher Software

MasterIT is a leading performance company in IT solutions that provides businesses with proactive security and protection against critical data loss, threats and malicious software damage.

The hardware based capabilities allow secure and remote access to the PC for repairs, upgrades and diagnostics and can be applied to both small and medium-sized businesses, offering lower cost and better business support that gives businesses a competitive advantage. It offers interactive online program for Accelerated Learning System that teaches learners how to access their own preferred learning style.

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Owing to the fact that online education is constantly gaining recognition among students, our company has decided to create a specialized department that will work on IT software for improving the work with Microsoft Office Publisher at home and offering a framework that will benefit any size IT department (MasterIT 2009).

MasterIT (2009) design Inc. promises to offer its customers “a state-of-art network operations centre keeping your systems functioning optimally and efficiently” (p.1). The company also promises greater reliability and minimise business interruptions helping eliminate major interruptions like fire, tornado, earthquake and other natural disasters and ensures recovery of lost data more effectively and easily.

Back up and offsite storage that provides clients with storage solutions & allowing users extending the set of the operations. Master IT design Inc. offers a wide range of software, IT training courses throughout the United Arabian Emirates. Master IT Design specializes in bespoke software production, information systems, web applications. Conducting the business for over a decade, the company has acquired a respectable segment at the market both at home and abroad.

Master IT Design is located in Dubai, one of the biggest cities in UEA, and, therefore, it has a great success in installation of target customers whose demand is mostly oriented on specialized software production.

The customers have chosen this company due to high-quality production and services. To effectively discuss how entrepreneurship contribute to social cohesion and sustainability development, the essay will candidly discuss how their initiatives address market failures, transform innovations and financial their sustainability.

To arrive at this conclusive analysis, the essay was based on literature review, interviews with top entrepreneurs, consultations as well as popular and academic resources from both profit and non profit organizations, public polices and scholarships from reputable entrepreneurs- MasterIT for this case.

History of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are characterized by their ethical skills that help them identify market failures and commit their resources to affect to the neediest in the society. These sectors come into play when the government is unable to generate enough profits to respond to these problems, these sectors bridge the gap by finding market opportunities and maximizing their potential. Their innovations provide viable options for addressing market failures by seeking opportunities to create valuable solutions.

Entrepreneurs are also known to provide transformational benefit that targets sensitive activities as well as the marginalized areas that would have never been considered by the government. They exhibit characteristics of innovation, risk taking and large-scale transformation and provided fertile ground for young and upcoming entrepreneurship growth by identifying present change in social economic environment (Ashoka 2010).

Entrepreneurs have been identified to present change in social economic environment by engaging businesses in their activities. They introduce new ideas and persuading others to adopt, changing social patterns that create social problems through breaking patterns.

Transformative ideas can be seen through the invention of new technologies, methods of production, supply sources and distribution outlets and social entrepreneurs have for this case taken these innovative approaches further by devising strategies that have benefited the whole society. They combine their own innovative skills, research obtained from public sources and political influence in attaining their goals.

Their ability to involve major players in the entrepreneurship activities character sets them apart from the traditional charitable organizations. They help in testing and developing promising solutions and compliment governments role in addressing market failures that benefit citizens (Ashoka 2010).

We can guarantee that MasterIT will deliver a high-quality product, as it has been at bespoke production market for more than 10 years. The main purpose of this essay is to provide a solution to the company is to meet the needs of constant and new customers and to provide them with best quality services.

MasterIT CEO lamented that “You can be sure that our training packages will take a competitive advantage in future, as they will be made according to the latest researches in the technological field” (p.1). It’s been evidenced that for any business to operate in the UAE, an emirate sponsor must be obtained. This therefore provides as an opportunity to obtain sponsor money and to be part of the business.

Management team

The members of our team work on tracking the supply & demand in the market, study the development of the Master IT Design competitors, develop the sales & marketing strategies for the company & thus allow it to achieve its marketing & strategic objectives.

IT department members reporting to Chief Executive Officer have taken the most of responsibilities for the training program project. However, the project team is also supported by the R&D department that informs the IT department about the latest innovation in this sphere.

They consult forums and official online sites that may contain some useful data on the development of distant training programs. As a whole, the team project consists of computer administrator and coordinator, software programmer, computer engineer, system programmer, web developers, and R&D manager. All project members report to CEO who monitoring the decision making process and scheduling.

David Hussein, computer administrator and coordinator will coordinate and inform other members about the best services and equipment that could be provided for training package design. He is also in charge of the design of the latest communication devices required for a well-coordinated work.

Software programmer will immediately deal with the training program design for Microsoft Publishers, as he knows all the nuances of work and program operation. He will also keep pace with recent modifications of the considered program in order to make correspondent amendments to it. Additionally, our programmer will take care of the security issues and provide the software package with protection programs.

More importantly, he will prepare a detailed description of the training package with help screens and adapt the program to particular users, which are IT department students. Computer engineer will be working on the program design and implementation, which is not of minor importance. He will also develop integrating software options and the hardware that will upload the applications. Finally, our highly qualified computer engineer will be responsible for the functionality of the established applications.

Out systems analyst use computer will be liable for incorporation and fulfillment of the project plan and operations involved. He will be also obliged to stay current in the computer field development for the training program to meet the students’ needs. He is the first person who should report to CEO, as his task also involves consulting the project team members, modifying hardware and software and searching for resources conforming to company’s strategies.

Finally, out systems analyst will define the costs-efficiency of each stage of the training program project and can prepare a financial plan. Once the program will be ready for implementation, our R&D manager will evaluate the results and develop the method of software package evaluation. He will be responsible for checking this program effectiveness for Microsoft Office Publisher and conduct a comparative analysis of other similar educational programs for students to define the advantages and drawbacks.

The CEO will be in charge of project budgeting and scheduling. He will coordinate with the project advisor (sponsor) who should track the effectiveness of the work process, if necessary. Web developers will create the different sites for students to acquire additional information about different options and functionality of Microsoft Office Publisher. The hyper-links will be mentioned in each step of practical part serving as hints for a successful adaptation of Microsoft Office Publisher.

Organization strategy & objectives

Organization StrategyMarketing ObjectivesMarketing Strategy
To produce quality software for Business services and solutions– To increase the market share by 47%– To target more newer market & to expand the customer segment
To increase the levels of customer satisfaction in the company.– To increase the satisfaction level by 54% though extensive marketing & other promotional offers– To adopt differentiated marketing & To venture more new products to achieve the market growth as per the industry standard.
-To create a brand value to retain the goodwill of the organization

-to concentrate 705 of the company-wide investment

-to sharpen technological edge of world’s No.1 share and technological products

-strengthen partnership with major clients and raise profits by doing customer handling from a cross-cutting business perspective

– To increase the brand awareness level by 50% to stabilize the brand positioning.– To expand the brand & to promote the existing products to achieve the desired market share

-to achieve more proactive, comprehensive data protection and IT growth planning

-To better secure and protect critical client data

Establish an out-of- region data centre

-reduce recovery process time

-reduce backup windows to better enable the company


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