Vodochody Airport


Airport Vodochody is an international private airport in the Czech Republic. The airlines’ current major customers are private jets and air schools. A joint stock company Letiste Vodochody, established in 2007, operates the airport and the only shareholder in the airport is AERO Vodochody, which is the largest aircraft manufacturer in the Czech Republic with over 90 years-long history. Until the end of 2006, AERO Vodochody was a state-owned enterprise.

However, the beginning of 2007 witnessed a change of ownership when a private equity group Penta became a sole shareholder of AERO Vodochody. In 2009, the airport had 9 thousand aircraft movements, which was a 100% increase to the year 2008 (Vodochody Airport).

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The airports development plan, first publicly communicated in the summer of 2007, is to enlarge the infrastructure of the existing airport so that it becomes a modern public civil international airport, second of its kind in the Prague’s metropolitan region only after Prague Airport, which is the major hub in the region.

The airport wants to reach low-cost airlines, charters and private jets. In 2008, Letiste Vodochody had received all necessary licenses to operate the Vodochody Airport, e.g. from the Czech Air Navigation Services, custom authorities etc.

In 2009, the company updated the documentation of the project following the commemorations received from the ministry of environment and this was approved in the first half of 2010.

After the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was approved, Airport Vodochody applied for cadastral change and construction permission, which is yet to be approved. Operations for low-cost carries should be launched at the end of next year by the earliest, more pragmatically in 2013 (Vodochody Airport).

Key facts about the project of expansion of the Vodochody Airport are summarized in the table below

Total Planned InvestmentCZK 3 Billion
Number of passengers per year3.5 million
Number of aircraft movements per year17 thousand
Average number of dispatched aircrafts per day48

(70 on average in the summer season, 30 in the winter season)

Projected hour capacity of the terminal1200 passengers per hour
Runway (Existing runway is sufficient to meet the project goals)2500*45 meters
Public parking space572 parking spaces


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