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We all felt this feeling at one time or another in our lives. You have everything to be happy: a charming companion, a united family, a very good job and an iron health. Yet, a lingering dissatisfaction is eating away at your mind and finally you are convinced that you are missing something to be truly fulfilled. Of course, you may be happier if you change your lifestyle slightly, but the best way to react is to accept your way of life and make the appropriate adjustments on a daily basis so that you can better appreciate what you are doing. have. So, how do you take life on the right side, instead of spending your days complaining? To find out, just read this article. Here we go !!!METHOD 1 : Change your point of view 1. Live in the presentDo like happy people and strive to make the most of the moment, instead of obsessing in the past or obsessing about the future. Reflecting on the past can help you learn from your mistakes and thinking about the future allows you to set goals and make good long-term planning. However, to be happy in life, take the time to take full advantage of what you are doing at a given moment. Concentrate on the present day, instead of thinking about what you did the day before or what you will do tomorrow.Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Concentrate on the present moment and your worries will fly away. Be patient: this exercise requires training.You can also meditate or do yoga to improve your ability to focus better on the present moment instead of worrying about the future. 2. Just what you haveInstead of focusing on everything you do not have or the things you want to have, take the time to understand that you are lucky, comparing your situation to that of other less fortunate people than you. Your life may not be perfect at the moment, but probably some things are going well, for example your happy and united family, your warm friendships, your beautiful relationships, your iron health, your exciting new job, the awesome city where you live or your beautiful home. You probably do not have all these things at once and most people do! But surely you have something to feel satisfied with every day.


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