What The basic difference between Ayurveda or traditional

What about food?
Fruits, vegetable, cereals, pulses, nuts and seeds are considered to be our food.I am not considering animal food here.
This website is based upon the principles of Auyrveda the ancient medical science of India. The origin of ayurveda reportedly dates back to more than 5000 years back. The basic difference between Ayurveda or traditional India medical system and the western medical system is that the Ayurveda is wellness oriented while Western medical system or modern medical system is disease oriented.Ayurveda emphasize how to keep our bodies in perfect condition and correct intake of right food is a major part of it.
Some foods are acidic and some are alkaline, for optimum health the food should be slightly alkaline. The body will be unwell if a proper balance is not maintained. The food that we consume on daily basis should not be too acidic or too alkaline.
The optimum P.H. range of human tissues and blood is 7.35 -7.45 this is close to neutral. Anything outside this can cause illness.In ancient India the Yogis and saints were living over 100 years without any disease.They were living off natural food most of which was raw food. They were eating cooked food in a very limited amount.Each food supplies energy (calories) to the body and strengthens the cell structure in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins minerals etc.We should select the food not depending upon our taste but what is healthy for us. In this regards the food law that has been suggested by Dr. Bernard Jenson becomes relevant.
Dr. Jenson suggest that each meal should consist of

60% vegetables20% fruits.10% starch10% protein.
The consumption of food should be such that 80% of foods are alkaline and 20% are acidic.Again the ratio of raw food to cooked food should be 60:40.
 Brief note about different natural foods.
Fruits are known as food to mankind before the Vedic period. (Ancient India)The fruits are excellent source of

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MineralsVitaminsEnzymesCarbsProteins andFiber
Benefits of taking raw fruits:

Easy to digestCleanse the blood and flush out toxins from the body.Time saving (you do not have to cook).
The fruits as per Ayurveda should not be taken with pulses and cereals.They are a complete meal in itself and are best taken at breakfast.
The fresh ripe fruits and its juices should be taken immediately, specially the juice. If you keep the juice for a long time it will begin to decompose and lose most of its nutrients.
Some fruits like grape, apricot and dates are rich in calcium and iron along with other minerals and vitamins. These pride strength to bones and are essential for blood.
You might be surprised to know that some fruits like custard apple contains calcium up to 60 mg /100 grams this is vital in strengthening the bones.
Fruits in general also have

Potassium and
Potassium and magnesium lower the density of urine and help in eliminating nitrogenous waste and chloride.
The potassium and sodium help in metabolism of fat and sugar thus minimizing the risk of heart diseases and life style disease like diabetes. These nutrients are also needed for proper functioning of brain and spinal cord.
 The presence of silicon has effect on cerebral cortex. Without silicon the problem of elementary canal and lungs may occur. The presence of vitamin c and a protect our bodies.
Like the fruits vegetables too are valuable in maintaining alkalinity of the body. They provide carbs, fat, protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins like fruits.
In case of vegetable it is better to take fresh veggies as prolonged storage most of the minerals and vitamin contents are lost.
Again in case of cooking some minerals and vitamins are lost too. It is therefore suggested to cook the veggeis on slow heat till they are just about tender.
Some veggies like cucumber, carrot, and radish can be easily taken raw as a salad which is better.
Some other veggies can be consumed as juices or decoctions and they work as cleanser to remove toxins from the body.
There are veggies which are also laxative, sedative and soporific in nature. Veggies like onions, garlic, spinach extricates toxins from body. They are super excellent for heart and lungs, they6 also help cure rheumatism.
About a bowl of spinach, dandilium or spreading hogweed is beneficial in kidney elements.
Lettuce and marselia are beneficial in curing insomnia. Onion is useful to cure cough, influenza, and constipation.
Leaves of fenugreek help cure indigestion, flatulence and sluggish lever.
Garlic helps in minimizing heart elements and even cancer.
Carrot is helpful in purifying blood. Beet juice aides in curing cancer.


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