When of the universe (Joshua 10:13, Psalm 19″4-6).

When people discuss science and
religion, Christianity in particular, you may find yourself asking can God and
science work together, or do they contradict each other? Most avoid the topic
as much as possible. So when you ask yourself it’s a gut feeling only in my
opinion no matter science based naturalist or atheist view one must have active
understanding of God. God preached faith to his people, believing in something
spiritual. You wouldn’t normally ask your youngest child in middle school to
test God in a science experiment but still scientist believe everything
happened for a reason and they want to solve it.

Faith and science have been battling
each other ages. This is very understandable that you can hear both sides of the
concern argument about the other. Back in the late 1600s when the church was convinced
that the scripture was taught on the center of the universe (Joshua 10:13,
Psalm 19″4-6).  Although there is theory
that the earth rotated around the sun and the church didn’t agree with him.
They persecuted him for his believes as he died a heroic Christian who failed
to accept faith and science. Not around till late 1800s that the church even
gave modern science a chance to prove the earth revolved around the sun.
Science never was discovered in the bible. Even till this day. Now it does
cause one’s mindset to rethink the entire interpretation of the teachings in
the bible. A great example to show people how faith and science divide in
matter of evolution and many more thing in our world today.

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In the chapter (Genesis 1:1-2:25) In the
beginning God created the heavens and the earth this reflects God’s power. “All
things hold together” because of Jesus (Colossians 1:15-18) The bible never
addresses subjects about biology or astronomy. Science is never explicitly mentioned,
nor was a concerned when the disciples were writing it. In the scriptures the
bible doesn’t spit out facts about how old the earth is. Whether there were dinosaurs
or not the bible is not a scientific document. It other words it was never
meant to be. It’s a story of God and humanity and the stories of the people who
endured a different way of living. (2 Corinthians 5:17-21) God makes all things
new, and he wants to establish a relationship with all without doubt.

does not prove God’s existence but it intensifies his genius at the creator of the world. This pushes people to
more question that need to be answered. We question with discomfort that God is
not real to us. The only real response when it comes to God’s transcendence was
when he died on the cross. God didn’t owe us nothing yet he gave each and every
one of us everything.  

Some avoid the discussion when talking religion and science. Some still
remain undecided but, how science is based and what beliefs say in the bible contradict
each other. There is no middle between the argument. Two different parties that
shoot straight for the main thing. To understand the things beyond ourselves. Science
doesn’t compliment faith so we realize that the truth is coming quicker than we
first believed.  With the focus on
religion is only about what matters. It affirms value and encourages a
worldwide community that gives people the recommendation to live how they


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