When you have to critically think before doing

When we do something we think before taking an action, we take ideas and turn it into reality, and inside our heads there are many key components that shape who we are as people. The three most important tools in our minds are; beliefs, emotions and reasoning. These tools work in our minds in various different ways. “Reasons are the pillars of the mind,” (Edward Counsel). This quote is very bold in many ways, because without reasoning a person will do things without considering what would happen in reality. It’s a main base for us to think. Without reasoning people wouldn’t have beliefs, faith or hope. First and foremost, in this journey of 227 days adrift Pi realizes that sometimes you have to critically think before doing something or taking a specific decision. He will find many resources but has to discover the hidden truth in order for him to survive. Second, Pi will be tested these 227 days to find his true identity, in order to do that, he needs an extreme amount of bravery. Because with bravery Pi is able to survive alone in the sea. Finally, Pi slowly figures out the barriers behind this, when he discovers that he needs to overcome them in order to survive, they may be holding him back from something and they might send him death, but he cannot get stuck, he has to keep moving and tackle those barriers with confidence.First and foremost, Pi is adrift at sea for 227 days and throughout his journey he realizes that you have to go through harsh times and make difficult decisions which help shape who you are as a person. One of the main things he learns is, you have to think before doing something, see, a lot of us just do things, we don’t like to take our time and think about what would happen if we did that, in Pi’s situation he has to very carefully think about his actions before making a choice. Throughout this entire novel there were many visible points where this was shown like for example: when Pi realizes there was a tiger on the boat he said: “There was a tiger in the lifeboat. I could hardly believe it, yet I knew I had to, and I had to save myself,”(195). Pi being afraid of the tiger caused him to create a separate source of living platform, a raft, and floated at a distance where he cannot be harmed. This shows, thinking before doing something, because Pi made a smart choice by making this raft where he saved his own life including the tiger. He did this in order to survive and the main purpose behind this would be personal safety, but he used critical thinking and played it smart. Throughout this journey they meet a algae island which makes Pi extremely happy to finally discover land, this is clearly seen when he says: “Richard Parker! Land! Land! We are saved!”(347). However, when Pi arrives he realizes that the island has more hidden secrets which can harm him, so therefore he decides to leave, this shows a very bold point for this because when you find land after all this time you want to stay, however Pi used critical thinking and realized that it can harm him so he makes an incredible decision by leaving the island. Thinking before doing and making precise decisions aided Pi along the way to survive.Secondly, Pi has been faced with various challenges that tests him and his bravery. His situation is allowing him to find his true identity and to enhance his bravery. In many of these situations Pi was faced with many scary phases which he had to overcome in order to survive. Limitation is also a huge factor in this case, his limitation is aiding him to survive in the critical condition. In many of these scenarios we would be extremely frightened however, Pi was facing death, he had to make choices that required a great amount of bravery. For example, when Pi had found out that there was a tiger living in the lifeboat he risked his life and created a raft which means he has to stay with a bunch of sharks, and be wet all the time, another part that clearly outlined his bravery is when he tries to tame the tiger and claim territory by peeing on the tarp. He also was adrift at sea for 227 days, that alone is an extremely scary thing! Because, he had limited supplies and he did not know how long he would be lost at seas, that alone requires an extreme amount of bravery. When we are faced with little challenges everyday we feel frustrated and worried but if you think about what Pi has faced it is remarkable of how desperate survival can make us. “Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when your half dead,”(Omar N. Bradley). This quote is saying that when we are faced with various difficult challenges we have to be brave in order to live. That is exactly what Pi did he was half dead but continued to show his bravery and stayed strong along the way. Bravery is one of the key components that helped him survive. Last but not least, through this entire journey, this 227 days adrift was an impossible task to complete however, with confidence. Sometimes we are forced to do things we normally wouldn’t like doing, because, in order to gain something we have to take that step that we know is against our will. Pi in this case had many barriers that had stopped him from survival, these barriers can create such hesitation in people’s lives that sometimes death is the only solution, however, Pi needed to survive and in order to do that he had to eat whatever he could find. However, Pi had a little issue with that because in order to survive he has to eat whatever is resourceful, nutritious, and healthy, and that would mean meat, turtle and fish. Earlier on in the novel Pi is a vegetarian, who practices 3 religions and cannot eat meat, but that has now become a barrier which is stopping him from survival. In order to live Pi had to overthrow his religion and focus on survival despite having to eat meat. So, Pi has no choice, he eats turtle and fish in order for his body to stay stable and for him to live. This all started when Pi first found the safety box and ate the crackers which contains animal fat, he said:  “pity about the fat, but given the exceptional circumstances the vegetarian part of me would simply pinch its nose and bear it,”(191). Pi realizes these barriers along the way and realizes that in order to live he has to forget his religion(s). This is first visible when Pi said: “tears flowing down my cheeks, I egged myself on until I heard a cracking sound and I no longer felt any life fighting in my hands,”(245). All of these situations and scenarios all added up and made Pi realize that in order to survive he has to forget and overthrow his religion(s).In conclusion, when we do things we like to imagine, we take ideas and turn it into reality, and inside our heads there are many key components that shape who we are as people. Critical thinking and reasoning is what guided Pi along the way to survive 227 days adrift, bravery is what Pi required to have in order to live and confidently survive the journey, and finally, limitations allowed Pi to realise that in order for him to live he has to overthrow his religion and beliefs and focus on survival. These three components allowed us to view this as a learning experience, to see what would happen when we are tested, and would adversity shape our identity? Also till what extent are we willing to sacrifice to survive?


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