Whether make, it easy for its passengers and

Whether you travel by driving your own car, taking a train, or
riding a bus people who live in a city know what it is like to have many
different types of transportation systems. Some people think it is easy to
travel by taxicabs and it is affordable for them. However, other people like us
will argue that taxicabs were not very easy when requesting a ride, having to
deal with rude people and it expensive. As soon as you just open the door, it
will cost you $4 then it will take you to your destination which then you will
have to calculate the miles it travels by looking at the meter it has.

Since Uber has launched in 2009. Uber has disruptive the taxicab
services. Uber headquarter is located in San Francisco California. All you
really have to do is sign up for an Android, Apple, or a Windows phone Uber
wanted to make, it easy for its passengers and the drivers. Uber wanted to come
up with an app where it connects the passengers with the drivers using their
phone’s GPS capabilities, letting the passage know how many minutes will it
take the drivers to arrive at their destination. In addition, Uber processes
all of its payment by charging the passenger’s credit card ranging from 5% to
20%, the driver will drop you to your destination where you will have to be
truthful and rate your driver to good or bad, and then the drivers will get
direct deposit remaining money into their account.

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A data breach is when individuals known as hackers had stolen or
viewed confidential data like your name, email, telephone numbers, address,
credit card numbers, etc… From unethical practices to now, the company Uber
now has to explain to the public why they kept the data breach a secret about
like a year when we actually learned about it today. Uber has been in the news
for many different things and had become under fire again. Where, we learned on
Tuesday that the company encountered a data breach last year in 2016 that had
affected 57 million customers, which are 7 million drivers and 50 million
passengers. The data breach includes the passengers as well as the drivers,
names, phone numbers, everyone’s email addresses, and around 600,000 driver
license numbers in the U.S. alone. Uber did not warn about the incident to its
regulators of the company or the affected drivers and passengers, instead, the
company decided to pay the hackers $100,000 ransom just to get rid of the
evidence and they kept it quiet the whole time it was happening.  However,
Uber failed to warn the incident to its regulators of the company or even the
affected drivers and passengers, instead, the company decided to pay the
hackers ransom of $100,000 just to get rid of the evidence and kept quiet about

However, Uber believes that no other location information or
customer’s security numbers were taken, and Uber does not think that the
information was never used or leaked, but they still do not know who caused the
data breach or even why they wanted it in the first place. Since August, the
CEO co-founder Travis Kalanick of Uber had stepped down. Now the new CEO of
Uber is Dara Khosrowshahi and he told reporters that he takes full
responsibility for this incident and admitted to the public that this data
breach should not have happened. Since, then Dara Khosrowshahi explained to the
public that Uber did increase the security measures following the data breach,
after aiming of shutting down the attack, but also admitted that they failed to
report it to its customers as well as the public.

Since Travis Kalanick had stepped down from the company, he had
known about the data breach as of early November 2016. Other people like Joe
Sullivan who is the Uber Chief Security Officer and the key senior deputy of
the CSO failed to report it to the company and kept quiet about it. The company
Uber decided to fire them because it was their job to report it as soon as
something this major happens. A data breach like this can cause a lot of damage
towards the company as well as personal information of its drivers who work for
the company and the passengers who rely on Uber to get around. Recently, Uber
has learned about the data breach on why it happened.  They noticed when
hackers tried to get into the companies system the hackers managed to gain
login credentials from there Uber Amazon Web service account. Which Uber uses
its private GitHub site to maintain the Uber security engineer team?

Since then, the new CEO of Uber Dara Khosrowshashi had laid out
plans for its company and coming up with ideas on how the company will prevent
any data breaches in the near future. Khosrowshashi wanted the public, as well
as its drivers and passengers, know that Uber is doing everything that they can
to address the situation that they have faced. They are deeply sorry when 57
million people personal information was about to be compromised by hackers and
did not address it to the public as soon as possible. As the CEO of the
company, Khosrowshashi will make sure to bring the NSA general counsel to
training train its Uber security team. If the driver’s license numbers were
taken advantage of in the data breach, they will notify them. Without keeping
it, quiet this time around. However, they want those drivers who believe that
credit card numbers are might have been leaked, or think that their identity is
compromised. Uber will offer any type of credit monitoring, and provide
services to those who believe that identity been compromised because of the
data breach.




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