Why do we do what we do?


The motives behind human behavior are contextual in that the reason as to why I choose to do a certain thing always stands influenced by the current situation and my future aspirations. In the various contexts that shape the human life such as personal experiences, education as well as business life, the actions that shape people’s behavior are dependent on the prevailing conditions.[1]

For instance, professional ethics might influence the things that we engage in the business life while the need to succeed in life and have a bright future might influence our actions in our academic life. The factors that influence human deeds in all the contexts of life are shaped by the quest for happiness and attainment of personal freedom.

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Why we do what we do in our personal life

Whether a person is young, middle aged or old, the things that s/he engages in remain geared towards attaining some sense of personal freedom and at times happiness.[2] For instance, a person chooses to have friendships to satisfy the need to associate with other people since a human being is a social being. A person cannot exist in isolation, which explains why humans are constant search of associations through establishing friendships and relationships. Aspiring business people spent a lot of their personal time establishing contacts that will in turn become business contacts to them.[3]

There are societal norms[4] and regulations that shape our actions as we take on our personal lives. Certain norms and codes of ethics would dictate people to live in harmony, which makes it possible for them to coexist with one another. While still young, a person is expected to behave in manner that s/he promises to be responsible come the adult age. This explains the high levels or organization that the person is supposed to portray as well as self-discipline and respect for the elderly as well as authorities.

Much as every aspect of human behavior is geared towards the attainment of happiness, the extent to which one can strive towards achieving this happiness is always regulated more so when it interferes with the freedoms and rights of others. Several regulating agents include the state laws, religions and the culture of the person. In our personal lives, we live towards attaining happiness while at the same time making sure we conform to the set regulations.

Considering the fact that what one does in their personal life impacts either positively or negatively on their other aspects of life, the actions that one chooses should also be considerate of these other aspects. For instance, a certain aspect of personal life such as a love relationship might have either negative or positive effects on academic or business life.

Why we do what we do in our business life

In the business world today, the existing stiff competition makes the involved parties to always strife to become the best and emerge successful at the end of the day. The competition for clients shapes the manner in which businesspersons behave to attract and retain existing customers. The different things that businesspersons do to their customers to establish good relationships always aim at improving the business performance and attaining success at the end of the day.

Successful businesses enhance the financial freedom of the owners and the fear of losing this freedom through getting loses is what drives entrepreneurs in their daily lives. In order to become the best, one has to employ the state of the art technology whether in advertising or even offering services to the customers.

The fact that up to date information is required in the business life to make informed and relevant decision gives an insight as to why most business people are in constant search for information that can help them generate business ideas[5]. Business information keeps on changing and this is why, in order to be successful in his/her business life, a person has to remain armed with the current and most relevant information.

Making the right decisions is the common aspiration among people in the business world. Decisions made about the best ways of investing as well as the ways that one can make profits and avoid loses shape the behavior of entrepreneurs[6] (Tisdale, 2004, p.233).

Making the wrong decisions can have catastrophic repercussions on the business some of which people cannot reverse at all. We therefore struggle to make decisions in our business life that will ensure that our businesses will not collapse and that we will attain success at the end of the day.

Why we do what we do in our academic life

Education is an investment that most people make with the hope of securing a bright future characterized by success. The thing that we do in the academic life are shaped by that need of being successful and making it in life (Tisdale, 2004, p. 177). We struggle to grasp new ideas at school that will assist us to become experts in our different fields and succeed at the end of the day. Ignorance can only lead one to pessimism and uncertainty about the future.

To be able to lead the pack and become successful in the future, one has no otherwise than to excel in academics to avoid the dangers associated with ignorance. It is only in the academic life that one remains oriented to the life skills and basic facts about life, which can guarantee the much-coveted success in life.

In our academic life, the need to learn ways in which we can coexist with others in the society is a thing that we strive to achieve. Communication[7], associations and other human activities that we engage in while in academic institutions aims at preparing us for our future lives where the skills will be core to our success. The high levels of discipline that we struggle to attain in our academic lives are important in ensuring that we become responsible leaders of the society we live in the future.

Due to the competition that exists in the job market, we struggle to attain good grades in the courses we undertake[8]. Most employment opportunities seem only awarded to the best in the specialization and so we struggle in our academics to become the best so that we can end up standing out from the rest and getting that job. The things we do in our academic life remain therefore inspired by the need of making our education an important investment for the future.

What I want to achieve in my business degree

A business degree is the most valuable assets that one can get out of business school[9]. Having undergone numerous business courses that explore the discipline completely, I will be able to venture in the business world without any hassles. My mind will be able to convert any opportunities that come my way be it in the employment or in private business venture.

A business degree will ensure that I take upon challenges that come my way in the business life and provide viable solutions for my business venture. This will put me at an advantage compared to others who set up businesses without the necessary facts only gotten from the business school.

As Tisdale (2004, p.179) puts it, with a business degree, I will stand in a position to take on any management responsibility with ease since following the preparation I will have received from the courses and trainings I undergo in the process of attaining the degree. This includes even the highest management responsibilities in the business world such as presidents of companies and chief executives.


The things that we do in our current occupations or positions in life remain determined by what our expectations about the future are. For instance, if my aspiration is to make it in the business life in the future, I will be working extra hard in my academic life to make sure that I attain passing grades that will enable me to land in such opportunities and succeed in business.

My personal life on the other hand is dependent on my other aspects of life and I have to ensure that whatever I do personally also correlates with my future expectations of succeeding in the business world. The happiness and freedom that we strive to attain as humans can only be achieved when we succeed in life, the reason as to why our actions remain geared towards attaining that success.


Tisdale, J. (2004). Effective Business Presentations. New York: prentice Hall.

The prevailing conditions include current engagements that a person may have.
The search for pleasure and freedom shapes most human actions.
Business contacts include partners and clients.
Beliefs and social norms such as taboos
Technology is so dynamic and so businesspersons strive to get the most current.
Entrepreneurs make sure that they avoid decisions that can make their businesses fall.
Communication skills and interpersonal skills
This is basically due to high percentages of unemployment
There are several specializations under this, all of which aim at giving necessary information in conducting, and succeeding in business related ventures.


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