Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom
Sometimes the strangest situations turn out to be miracles in disguise. That is
what happened to me. Who thought that someone who did not like English that
much would pick a career that deals with it every day? I sure did not. It must have
been something in the air at Kossuth High School, maybe the teachers, it could have
been my friends, or it could just be a young boy maturing in to a man trying to
decide his future.

Journalism consists of many types of jobs build into one. Some people do not
know this but a journalist has to be an editor, a writer, a public relations officer, an
expert in English, a proofreader, and many more jobs. No, a person who majors in
journalism does not have to be perfect in every way. Reference books are at the
disposal of journalist and writers at all times. The main reference book is called The
Associated Press Writing Manual, and it contains all the writing lay-outs that a
writer/journalist needs to know.
There are many jobs available to journalist. The top job a journalist can
achieve is to be an editor. This means more responsibility, more time put in at the
office, and being able to proofread other peoples work. A news reporter can cover
any news event at any time of the day. A news reporting job is a 24-hour job. A
free-lance reporter can work for many newspapers, magazines, or just work for one
of them. A free-lance reporter covers anything and everything that is happening. As
a free-lance reporter, the salary is either on a contract or is based on a price-per-word
basis. The most interesting job, in my opinion, is the job of sports reporter. A sports
reporter must love the outdoors and the sports that he/she covers to be successful at
his/her job. The hours of a sports reporter are sporadic, and it can range any where
from coming to cover someones lunch break to pulling an 18-hour shift just to make
the deadline.

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Daily Corinthian sports writer Steve Beavers said in an interview on March
16, 2001:
Journalism is a deadline driven job. If it is not in by the deadline, it does not
make it to print. Also, if you plan on a 9-5 job, sports writing is not a job for
you. Often, you are out on a story when another story comes in. That is
when you need to have more than one reporter handy. I have seen many time
when I am on the phone with a person calling a score in when we are paged
to answer another line. I am very thankful I have someone like Lee (H. Lee
Smith III, Sports editor for the Daily Corinthian)around.

The education requirements for a journalist vary on what field of journalist a
person is persueing(Careers in Focus 133). All a person needs to have is a degree in
English(Online Journalist). Someone looking to go into the field of journalism needs
to prepare themselves to get ready to write like crazy(Smith interview).
The basic salary for someone going into a journalism career is anywhere
between $15,000 to $30,000. Reporters can earn more money by working for a
paper with a larger circulation. As experience is gained in the job, the money for
the salary is also gained. Reporters for nationally recognized magazines and
newspapers can earn upwards of $100,000 + per year(Enhanced Occupational
Outlook Handbook 344). The average salary for someone in journalism for 5 years is
somewhere in the range of $ 30,000 and $ 50,000 per year(Online Journalist).

A reporter must know that when he/she enters this job, they are not in for the
money. They have to love their job. A person who is in for the money has chosen
the wrong profession(Smith interview).Also, a person who does not enjoy what
they do, does not need to be in the business. They only give the good ones bad
raps. As the saying goes, it only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole batch. A
person who enters journalism is a person who is willing to dedicate their life to
something that they love( Beavers interview).
The scenario for the ideal job really depends on the person. Some may want
the job to be quiet and uneventful day. Others may want the thrill and abzillerence
of the action. My ideal job would just be a regular day. A regular day would consist
of covering


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