Introduction is important for an employee to plan


Employees have always been faced by several challenges at work place ranging from poor salaries to job layoffs. Stress at work is also affecting many employees today and it is important for them to know how to deal with it.

Stress at work can be defined as “the harmful physical and emotional responses that occur when the requirements of a job do not match the capabilities, resources or needs of the worker” (Somaz and Tulgan 34). For example a sales employee who fails to meet his sales targets is likely to be stressed.

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Causes of Stress at Workplace

Stress at work is always caused by several factors which may include the following. An employee who is given several responsibilities may feel that he or she is being exploited. This may cause a bad relationship between him and his employer. If an employee is given very few responsibilities he or she may feel neglected and less important at work. This makes such an employee to continue serving in constant fear that he may lose his position easily. Workers who serve under strict supervision of their managers may often feel confused.

Heath related problems can also lower the performance of employees and this can be really stressing to them (Somaz and Tulgan 39).

Symptoms of Stress at Workplace

Work related stress can be manifested in the following ways. A worker who is stressed may experience physical problems like: headaches, high rate of metabolism, stomach pains or ulcers, and also high blood pressure.

Workers may also experience psychological stress and its symptoms may include the following: poor concentration, depression, anxiety, great sensitivity, and mood swings. Apart from these symptoms, some stressed workers may also have the following behavioral symptoms: lack of patience, poor work relationships with the managers, absenteeism, loss of appetite, and increased rate of smoking (Losyk 24).

Management of Stress at Workplace

Employers’ Initiatives

The success of any organization depends on the productivity of the workers. This is because the employees are the ones who always implement the decisions made by the managers. They therefore need constant motivation from the employers and workmates. Stressful conditions should therefore be kept at a minimum level because they can cause detrimental effects on the employees. The managers can use the following strategies in managing stress. The workplace environment should be calm and free from any interference that may affect the workers.

Workers should be given enough responsibilities. Managers should motivate employees by giving them extra allowances and incentives for extra duties that they perform. Workers should be engaged in decision making processes.

This makes them feel that they are part of the organization. There should be opportunities for promoting the workers. This is because no body would ever want to remain in the same position forever. A variety of tasks should also be given to the workers so that they are not bored (Losyk 25).

Employees’ Initiatives

Workers can also avoid being stressed by practicing the following. It is important for an employee to plan properly before performing any task. This is because proper planning reduces chances of doing the wrong things.

Development of good workplace relationship can help in reducing hatred among employees (Losyk 27). This enables them to feel free to share their challenges and problems at work. Hence such problems become easier to solve. Last but more importantly, workers should try as much as possible to maintain their health and hygiene in order to remain physically fit to work.


From the above discussion it is very clear that stress can have detrimental effects both on the organization and the employees.

It is therefore important for workers and employers in a given organization to develop a good working atmosphere that is stress-free. This would enable them to enjoy doing their work and also achieve a high level of performance.

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