Your change civil rights movement and change segregation

Your Name Kimberly Ortega Teacher’s NameClassDay Month YearTitle of Essay CenteredIntroduction (5 Sentences minimum)This is where you hook the reader into your essay and share your thesis.Quote/Hook: Bridge to thesis:Thesis:Ruby Bridges changed the world because she went to a white school , she change civil rights movement and change segregation in school.      Ruby Bridges changed the impact society is that she went to a white school . During this time, race was separated especially in school . Bridges family did wanted Ruby to go to school. The article “Ruby Bridges “it states “The Bridges agreed because the school provided a better education and was closer to the family’s home than the all-black elementary school that Ruby had attended during kindergarten. Ruby’s mother was also interested in helping to advance civil rights for other African Americans”(Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia). When Ruby went to school she didn’t go until November 14, 1960.The reason why she went to school is because she wanted to learn. Now schools have change , schools have almost every different race.Another way she change the world was she impact civil rights movement.Ruby was entering school she had to face protesters . Not everyone was nice to her lot of students parents didn’t like that she went to school the only people who were nice to her teachers,  Principal,  and some students . The name of the school that Ruby attended is William Frantz Elementary School . Ruby never give up she didn’t let anything get in her way . She inspired lots of people and change the future of lots of black people . She never consider herself a celebrity. In the article “Ruby Bridges” it states “She never sought celebrity, but she emerged as an iconic figure in the civil rights movement”(Joseph Dewey).Ruby was an a important part of the civil rights movement.Lastly Ruby changed segregation in schools. During the 60s , segregation was an actual thing. School were very strict about color skin. Ruby wanted to go to school , so she did . Lots of people didn’t like that she went to school. There was a black school but was really poorly . The family wanted a good future for Ruby . Ruby 2nd year in school there was white and black students . This was by Ruby Bridges .  In the article “Ruby the Brave” it states “The next year, Ruby started second grade. She walked into her new class. The room was full of white and African-American children.It was because of brave Ruby”(MasterFILE Premier).Today in United States segregation is now illegal according to an article . Ruby had change school segregation .Background on Topic or Person (6 sentences minimum)This is where you give the basic information about the topic or the person. The who, what, where, when, why and how. This should contain at least one cited paraphrase! How the topic or person’s life was connected to conflict and/or compromise (7 sentences minimum)This is where you tell about how your person or topic was full of conflict and what compromises if any were made.This paragraph should contain a direct quote from one of the major players in your topic.How the topic or person changed history in their field (6 sentences minimum)This is where you explain what was going on in history at the time and why it was so important that your person or topic existed.Please include another direct quote or paraphrase!Conclusion: (5 sentences minimum)This is where you restate your thesis and your main points and really convince the reader about the awesomeness of your person or topic.


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